The Moon card of the Tarot Deck comprises of a Full Moon in the dark night. It is situated between the two towers. Moon is the symbolism of powerful dreams, strong intuition, and the level of subconsciousness that works with an individual. The light of the Moon is in comparison with the illumination of the Sun.


When the Moon card shuffles out of the Tarot deck, it signifies the elusive thoughts and fears that engross our mind. What we fear has somehow happened with us in the past and through the painful memories of the past, the Moon surfaces the sense of emotional imbalance. The sense of restlessness and various ideologies cross the minds that cannot be deciphered. Moon in the Tarot is the significance of unsure actions. The feeling of existence in the process is nothing but a mirage. Moon projects the idea of half information. It illuminates the fact that some information is still left hidden under the surface and not everything has been kept in front. There is a feeling of a secretive mindset through the personification of this Tarot card.

Due to the uncertainty, it is always advisable to take decisions by thoroughly analyzing and interpreting. Trusting the strength of the intuition during this period is highly important no matter whatever truth is in front of the individual. The card advises to see through the meaning and decode the problem slowly rather than jumping into conclusions. The sense of feeling and understanding of the situation brings the energy that needs to be put for better results. There are blockages in the mind-set that are created by the one-self through negative vibes and narrow outlook towards life. With a higher level of consciousness, it becomes easier to understand and provide a judgment through the involvement of the messages or predictions.

When it is about the relationship, this card reveals the insecurity in the bonding. It might show a beautiful loving relationship on the outside but it holds a different story inside. There are chances of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and arguments along with deception that might surface onto the relationship. It is always profitable to keep patience in this kind of situation. The truth will come out sooner or later no matter what. 

With the presence of the Moon card, the track of the cycle of the moon needs to be kept under consideration as it holds different messages or solution through it. When the cycle is in progress, it is always the best and the spiritual way to heal the inner body, mind, and soul through immense connection with the divinity or the Spiritual realm through visualizations or imaginations, undergoing rituals of cleansing and chanting prayers or even unfolding the issues or the answers to the different questions through Tarot reading. When the Full Moon arrives, it brings the ultimate essence of manifestation. It projects on the achievements that an individual has gained and also provides with new ideas and aspects to make life even brighter than ever.


When the Moon card shuffles out in the reversed position, it signifies the anxiety, fears, distress, and tension that has been involved in the situation that the individual is dealing with. But the brighter side is that these negative illusions are fading or coming to an end.

With the immense growth of understanding and feeling the situation, no matter how dark it is, the individual processes towards the light. So with the understanding of the power that they hold in their life, it becomes easier to emit the vibes of illusions that keep us limited and do not let us shine. Through this reversal, it becomes a transformation and progress in a positive direction.

There is a tendency to fight against the feelings that do not deserve good for future aspects of life. While facing our own demons, our own inability of being confident, judging ourselves by comparing to others, avoiding the positive but when we get a grab over these emotions that tend to rule us, we get the ability to live life at our own terms with freedom.

When this card appears, the Universe might try to connect to the individual by sending them information or emotional downloads that need to be interpreted by the individuals. It can be difficult at times to find the real meaning behind the message and then the best thing to do is to rely on our own intuition and keep a check over our thought process. We should also keep a dream journal to note the dreams and the meaning it wants to convey through them. If the individual feels stagnant and the life is not moving the way it is supposed to move, the Universe will keep presenting the sets of messages for the clarifications unless it transforms the life for their own good.

When it comes to the situation of relationship, the deceit has been revealed when this card pops out. It projects the truth that is coming in the limelight and bestowing over everyone. The Moon card in reserve reveals the nature and the characteristics of the partner along with their love and effort in the relationship. This card provides a sign of hope and self-confidence after a long term of struggle. It may always indicate that the lover/beloved is not the one meant for the individual.

This card affirms the individual to tune into reality and divine into the process of spirituality for attaining clarity and wisdom over thoughts and things that affect our everyday life.

Moon Card is one of those magical cards that brings out the truth after a long time of being veiled under the irrational imaginative thoughts and pragmatic illusions and the process to overcome it.