Monsoon: Trends You Must Have On Your List

Monsoon: Trends You Must Have On Your List

The only thing that comes on my mind as I start to frame myself with the rainy season in the most beautiful cities of India, the scenario becomes unimaginable and I am definitely sure you can relate to this article irrespective of our location. The kind of potholes and the dirty streets that spoil our clothes, yet we still manage to keep our style game intact. In fact, now that we have learned to take life's challenges with so much ease, hinting at 2020's worst unprecedented health situation. Don't worry we have some tips that will save your style game and so your fashion sense remains safe and internally lit during the rains.

We take a new expedition of spirituality during the monsoons. This season makes us procure spiritual lifting which remains inevitable and long-lasting, leaving our souls refreshing and welcoming. The vibes during this monsoon are quiet, as we begin to channelize all our energies towards optimistic productivity, self-love and much enlightenment are here to rise and surface through our skins!

1. Stylish raincoats

Neons are all the trend these days and we all hope to safeguard our fashion sense in spite of getting muddled up in uneasy puddles. You can stay stylish while strolling under the damp skies. There are all kinds of fashionable and trendy raincoats available on the internet. Mind checking out some?

2. Floaters

There are so many ranges of floaters that perfectly suite the fashion trends during the rainy season. Most of all, they come handy when the presence of water on the streets level up. For the flash floods, floaters irrespective of shades may look absolutely stylish and good enough to glam up your sole fashion.

For 2020, I'd prefer sandal floaters that come with straps as they are worn mostly by fashion enthusiasts and are trending this season.

3. Elasticated skirts

Now when we talk about fashion during rains, we are talking about everything under the same that keeps us stylishly going and yet remains season-friendly.

4. Black ankle boots

Boots are anytime in for this season, mainly ankle boots that are crafted by leather. You can team your leather ankle boots with quirky colors and shine during the rains with cute accessories. Make sure you don't purchase boots that are bound to break. Select the trendiest items but the strong ones are always the right ones to wear!

5. Leggings

This is literally the season for knee-length midi-dresses and if you are not sure about flashing your well-toned legs this season then leggings will make you feel safer and look ultra-chic. Irrespective of the shades, you can choose pop colors glistened tops, t-shirts or trench coats. Fun fact: leggings are made up of porous material so they dry quickly.

6. Gloves

It might sound usual, but you may never know when the cold may strike. In the USA, most women is spotted wearing gloves during the rainy times, I doubt is it a fashion there? Wearing gloves is not a sin and it can definitely make you stand out against the rest. Maybe a stylish bag can add up the style in case you are opting for darker gloves.

7. Tissues, Sanitizers, and Wipes

Yeeks! it is so important to multiply things in our handbag, it is such a must to have tissues or wipes to clean our hands, as this season covers the air with more toxicity and dirt than usual. The dirt which comes from the rain comes pouring down from the grey skies, mixes with pollution and other toxic material in the air to make it much worst for us to breathe.

Various styles of fashion are all the rage during the rainy season, but we often get fearful of wearing neat-n-tidy looking at clothes as it ends up looking vague and dirty during the rains. While the weather has toned down, you may never say when it pours next.

8. Hygiene rules for real!

Hygiene was never emphasized so much for real more than it has been making the rounds currently due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. Hygiene has become a trend, which otherwise people never bothered to take heed off. It's so unfortunate that because of people's unbalanced hygienic rules, great turmoil has emerged striking the world hard with no ends. Of course, with harsh outcomes and lessons, the mankind has been forced to take up.

9. Face masks

Because of increase in so many untimely deaths due to the global health disaster, this virus has brought many lives to a standstill. You have to take care of yourself, protect yourself and your loved ones. Keep them reminding about the importance of wearing a face mask during these monsoons. No matter how hard it gets, we have to survive each thread of this unprecedented matter.

10. Medical gloves

As I have previously mentioned the use of stylish gloves for making a head-turning fashion statement. Because of the spread of virus and safety, you must take proper precautions before stepping into the wet zone. Cover your face, cover your hands too! Wear medical gloves in order to curb the spread of diseases. As you all know that we human beings are prone to various diseases at the time of monsoon.

11. Eye goggles

This might sound funny, but right now there are millions of people who are wearing eye goggles for safety measures. There are different kinds of goggles with an unusual material. It will surely help you protect the sensitive areas of your eyes. Little precautions and safety measures can keep you safe and sound much before the predictions of forbidden storms. 

Conclusion -

These were the top fashion trends that must be followed by all style goes during the rainy season, so as to save your precious style statements and keep it protected. Let's stay strong and protect our loved ones. Spread a word. Educate and constantly remind people about the pros of hygiene rules during this monsoon!