KP Astrology is one of the best systems that helps the students in excelling in the field of astrology. The KP astrology has been formulated by the tremendous Indian champion late Prof. K.S Krishnamurthi. Many scholars in KP astrology say that the KP Astrology includes various points that are taken from both Indian astrology and Western astrology. Also, the master has encompassed some of the concepts from the different branches of astrology. The KP Astrology is seemed to be considered as the most accurate system and is very easy to learn. As mentioned above, the concepts are taken from different branches of astrology. Therefore, these concepts can be skillfully applied by beginners. It is believed that when the KP Astrology is compared to Hindu Astrology, then the KP astrology is found to be more systematic than the other one. Before KP Astrology came into existence, the Indian Vedic astrology has been dominating in the earlier days. Many scholars say that the KP Astrology has very less number of errors and is more accurate. There was a software called "BIRTHASTRO," which is used for working on KP astrology. It was believed that the KP astrology is a form of the study which works on Stellar Astrology. Here in the KP Astrology, significant preference is given to the stars, and thus the further calculations are made from the positions of various stars. Coming to the Birthastro software, it helps the beginners to gain some hands-on experience on numerous types of features that have been introduced in KP astrology to make the computations very precise. 



The master has given the software named earlier " Birthastro" in astrology, late Shri Krishnamurthi. He studied both Indian and Western astrology and thus later formulated a new system known as KP Astrology, where he encompassed distinct features of both Indian astrology and western astrology. Late Shri Krishnamurthigaaru has taken a step forward to introduce this system because earlier, many scholars in astrology found it very difficult to calculate and find a solution by giving appropriate outcomes. Therefore it was said that KP astrology is the modernized version of Indian Vedic Astrology. 



Coming to the description of astrology, unlike Indian Vedic astrology, the KP astrology considers that there are not equal 12 divisions in houses. Therefore in KP astrology, we think cusps. Thus, the Birthastro software, the measurement is done based upon the cusp to cusp. One would get a doubt regarding what is cusp. Coming to the general meaning of cusp, it is defined as the point of connection between the nodes. We call each zodiac sign as Rashi. Then each of the 12 zodiac signs will correspond to one planet in the space. We have variations while deeming the different degrees between the various planets and stars. One of the essential things is preparing the chart based on the birth details of the individual. The practice of preparation of the chart is taken from Bhava Chalit Chart that has been taken from Indian Vedic Astrology. 



● Here in KP Astrology, more significance is given to the constellations of star or nakshatras. 

● The constellations are further divided into nine subdivisions. 

● The KP astrology uses a feature named KP Ayanamshas. 

● As mentioned earlier, the KP astrology involves the usage of cusps in the estimations for ultimate predictions.

● Along with the above accentuates, there is one more characteristic called the Placidus House System.




KP astrology is the unique system that has been originated from the hands of the master late Shri Krishnamurthi. He has formulated the different rules and regulations, for simple and better and mostly crucial accurate results.


● The importance of a planet depends on the star lord of the particular planet in the star lord has occupied. 

● It was believed that the significator of a house entirely relies on the planet in which the star is occupying that house. 

● Usually, in this KP Astrology, the outcomes of the sign lord might depend on the house in which the sign is residing.



● KP Janmpatri:

This is the most important aspect where the KP astrology and uses its broad outlines in the numerous enumerations. Here the positions of various planets and their sub lords are taken into consideration along with general principles of KP astrology, and thus the Janmpatri is prepared. 


● KP Kundali:

This is prepared to know the insights the fortune in the life of an individual.


● KP Horoscope:

Here the horoscope uses the underlying principles of astrology and thus provides the best solutions for the several problems in a person's life.


 However, the study of this KP astrology brings the inner shine from the students who opt for studying it. Astrology is something which enlightens the inner soul of an individual and provides a clear path to a person when he or she is stuck in a crossroad.