There are various applications in Reiki through which one can clear financial issues and also try adding an extra income for accomplishing certain aspirations and desires. Till now, we have discussed manifestation of money through the Money Reiki symbols, the Midas star, the Reiki money box, the Reiki crystal grid, using the distance symbol, calling upon angels and spirits, clearing off the negative assumptions in your mind, the use of Reiki energy candles, the magic money box, and so on. Below, we are going to discuss a few more important as well as useful applications of Money Reiki. We will talk about the usage of the Money crystals and also name them, realize the importance of space cleansing related to improving finances, and also understand the utility of Switch words and healing numbers for money and prosperity.



Money crystals are useful for the purpose of drawing abundance and prosperity. They originate from the earth, thereby possess a great amount of the Reiki divine energy infused with them, accelerating the manifestation of wealth.

Before using the crystals, one needs to purify them of any negative aura that the crystal might have caught up in its use. The cleansing process can be done using the Cho Ku Rei or Power symbol by drawing it seven times and chanting on the sides of the crystal. You could also make use of other Reiki symbols and the Money Reiki symbols especially if you are attuned to them. Inculcate your intentions and affirmations related to money on the crystal for a few minutes until you can sense the process completed. You can use the crystals for designing a crystal grid, for the purpose of specified contemplation, in the Reiki Moneybox or magic money box, and form crystal water. One can also carry the crystals in purses, wallets, pockets or adorn them in the form of ornaments like pendants, rings, or bracelets.

Given below are listed some popular and special crystals that will boost the flow of income in your life.

  • Citrine: Known popularly as the Merchant’s stone, it attracts wealth and prosperity and intensifies the power of manifestation with its mystical potentials. 

  • Green Aventurine: It brings luck, fortune and being the money stone in general, it provides opportunities to increase abundance.

  • Peridot: This stone possesses the power to swallow negative energy and improves the flow of income by clearing blockages.

  • Malachite: It is a protection stone and also draws the right kind of people from which you can benefit in investments. And business.

  • Pyrite: Commonly referred to as the fool’s gold, it grants the wearer an intuition for wise and careful investments. It also blocks away from the negativity and accelerates the manifestation process.

  • Jade: This crystal attracts prosperity easily and is recommended to be kept in purses and wallets.

  • Quartz: It has multiple benefits, the chief one being the tendency to attract more money.

  • Ruby: It is useful when you are gambling and increases your chances of winning a huge amount of money.

  • Sunstone: It acts as a bright source of light during your darkest financial days and instills positive energy.

  • Moonstone: Moonstone is a very popular money magnet.

  • Tiger’s Eye: This crystal helps in reversing unstable financial situations by filling one with wise and useful insights and ideas.



One could clean the destructive energy signatures in their households and workspaces to allow the unrestrictive flow of income and prevent the entry of any negativity in its path. One can go through the space cleansing technique either by the use of Reiki power and harmony symbols or through the use of Reiki energy candles, sage, rock salt, incense sticks, camphor lamps, and other similar objects.



There are certain numbers and keywords in the Reiki institution that are useful for attracting prosperity and abundance. You can use them by chanting, writing them on paper and placing it in crystal girds or money boxes. You can also create energy loops through these special characters and place them under your pillows, near your food items, in books, etc.



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