Miracles of November - What Scorpio Season has in Store for Virgo

Miracles of November - What Scorpio Season has in Store for Virgo

Believe it or not, each month brings with itself changes that are experienced by the different zodiacs in different ways. With each month, planets keep changing their positions forming various retrogrades and oscillations that directly influence the zodiacs. We are currently going through the Scorpio season. Starting from the 23rd of October to the 21st of November, Scorpio season 2020 is going to hit each sign on various levels. Superficial chats will be least favored will the desire for deep and intimate connections with loved ones will top the list. A massive survivor styled energy prevails for each horoscope while an intimidating serious aura will prevail in the air. Each style will experience an array of changes and it is not any different for Virgo. Let’s look at what November has in store for a Virgo!


About Virgo: 

Being the sixth zodiac sign in the realm of horoscopes, Virgos are individuals who are practical, logical, and possess a systematic approach towards life. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury and represented by the Maiden who is the Goddess of wheat and agriculture. Just like the Maiden, Virgo’s are people who have nurtured their roots in the materialistic world. Charming, passionate, and sexy Virgos are individuals born between the 22nd of August and 22nd of September. Virgos are zodiacs who have the mutable quality attached to them. This means Virgos are diplomatic personalities who quickly change color and shape to meet expectations but lack incorrectly expressing their emotions. Belonging to the element of Earth, Virgos are personalities who embody stability, sensibility, and intellect in life. The month of November brings about a drastic change of events for a Virgo. Let's find out what and let’s find out why!


What the Month of November brings for Virgo:

Being a Mercury-ruled sign, the Scorpio season holds an exciting role of events for a Virgo. Virgos have always struggled with making the correct conversations at the correct times but this is where November comes to the rescue. November is going to make a Virgo open to conversation and improve their communicating skills. Fellow Virgos, take this opportunity and invest in your investigating skills and gathering all the important information you need. The month of November brings a lot of planetary shifts with it which causes a great flow of energy. This will make a Virgo experience a few intense emotions felt in October. Due to the change of Mercury, currently in retrograde in Libra, some frustrations are due to arise on the 1st, 6th, and 3rd of November. The retrograde occurs after a long-stagnant stay in Libra thus bringing with it the motivation, waking-up energy, positivity, and activeness. Virgo, you are on a roll as you catch up on all the missed work, deals, and situations. A heavy clash with Saturn is also predicted which brings with it a few bottled-up frustrations and obstacles your way. Also, the Eclipse season welcomes itself and brings with it a hard angle for your sign. However, since eclipses are known to bring favorable conditions, whatever is to take place, will ultimately benefit you, just be patient Virgo! Financial propositions will seem to take a turn for the good and you may find yourself paying off a long-held debt. As the sun goes on to make a connection with Neptune in Pisces, you may also find yourself prospering in relationships as you finally manage to escape hibernation and develop a deep connection with your partner. As Mercury enters Scorpio on the 10th of November, Virgos will experience the clearing up of confusion and misunderstanding from October. The Scorpio sting is something to beware and thus, be careful of what you say as it may leave a nip in someone else’s heart. This period marks growth and transformation in your life and might bring with it change in a variety of phenomena. This may make Virgo feel overwhelmed. The best advice is to slow down, be gentle with yourself, give yourself the right amount of space and time to grow, and watch how you conquer the month as an aura of optimism surrounds you. Take your time, make the best out of the blessings you get, and don’t forget to enjoy each day, one step at a time! You got this, Virgo!