Living in a country like India one needs to keep all the aspects of traditions and customs in mind. I’m sure that all our elderly have been telling us that we should be respectful of our culture and the astrological norms of our country. India’s diverse culture is widespread amongst the entire universe as we have the tendency to shine out as bright as possible. And this culture is so highlighted because of our quirky and unbelievable beliefs as we Indians work majorly on beliefs and on the mantra of astrology. Every family has its own fixed pandit or shall I say astrologer, and these astrologers help us determine our so-called future perspectives. From marriage to the profession to life span, everything is well known by all these pandits. 

Moreover, we Indians ought to turn towards kundalis for marriages and stuff so as to determine a perfect match for us. the astrologers and their reading help us figure out us inside and out and it also delivers you with several possible girls and boys for a perfect match for you. All our parents and grandparents have given all their support and belief to the team of astrologers they think that praying and believing in offering your services to the lord and the astrologer helps us strive ahead in life. Well, now the question that arises is whether these concepts of astrology and beliefs are still valid in the millennial era? To answer this we need to know the perspective of all the teenagers and the youngsters out there. So, let us throw some light on the fact that what do they actually think of astrology. 

Astrology for the millennials is not a new concept some of them believe in the charms of this methodology and others do not disrespect it, but they also do not believe in this process in a proper manner. Basically, as we know that youngsters nowadays support the live-in relationship kinda concepts and since they believe in making their own choices so it is likely that they will not agree to certain norms of astrology. Some of the youngsters sure do have the old respect for traditions and they do agree with all the norms with utmost significance and love. So, basically, there are several viewpoints on this topic alone. Let us view several concepts under astrological norms. 


Since we’re discussing the concept of astrology in detail let us list down one of the first and foremost steps which is to take the birth charts of the bride and groom, both into account, so as to match their timings and their name and check their compatibility. 


This is also one of the most crucial parts, this method is also known as the guna milan method and this involves the matching of eight kootas, Namely- Varna, vasya, tara, rashi, yoni, gana, nadi, and Rashyadipati. all these eight kootas should be matched as it is considered to be auspicious and each of these is also considered quite important as they determine the different compatibilities like emotional, physical, zodiac, stars, mental and financial. 


Well, as we know that things do not work on the logic of ‘sugar and spice everything nice’ one should always be ready to face the hardships in life and the same is the case with kundali matching. Matching the kundalis of two natives is not that easy as you may think it also involves keeping a check on any doshas in your kundali. Mangal dosha, Pitra dosha, nadi doshas are some of the doshas that can frequently occur. So finding the right remedies for your doshas is very important for your married life. 


This is probably the most important point as examining the positioning of the planets and the houses in one’s birth chart are what determines the actual condition of one’s personal and married life. All the planets have their own auspicious and inauspicious positioning so keeping a tab on those is highly important along with the houses and the planets present in them. Keeping both these things in mind helps out a lot in order to maintain a happy married life. 


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