Instead of making use of this culture for healing sessions, either by self or through a Reiki master, you could apply this institution in day to day lives, in basic tasks, for instance, in cooking and sleeping. This can bring about life-changing habits and clear off negative aura in everything surrounding us.



The most common and widespread way of applying the Reiki institution in our daily lives is the use of precepts. Following the precepts of Reiki, one could attain self-control and help in shaping a better personality with daily implementation. These sets of rules were laid down in the culture by the founder, Mikao Usui. The principals were originally inscribed by the Japanese Meiji Emperor.

  1. Not to get infuriated today
  2. Not to be grave today
  3. To unremittingly express gratefulness and gratitude
  4. To be generous to other beings
  5. To be scrupulous in one's business



It is recommended to inculcate the practice of meditation at least thrice a week either early morning after waking up or in the evening. It can be practiced by basic breathing exercises, in a peaceful setting, in any comfortable posture for a minimum of fifteen minutes. You could also go for a body scan procedure, with or without the use of symbols. You could also go for a full therapy under a Reiki Master, or learn the culture under a Reiki Master, or go for a few weeks course in a college or specialized Reiki foundation.

Meditation has innumerable bonuses. It reduces stress, depression, and anxiety and instills feelings of serenity, security, and grounding. It clears off all destructive energy and fills the person and the surrounding with positive energy. It also helps in maintaining the alignment of the seven chakras, thus improving overall physical and mental health.



Yes, Reiki can be used for your food in order to draw off any undesirable energy from the food. Food is the utmost component for our survival and thus, is related to the Lifeforce energy, or Ki in Japanese. This energy is also responsible for the process of digestion and absorption of the essential nutrients in our body.

The natural, organic good like the fruits and vegetables have a higher quantity of lifeforce energy in them when equated with processed foods, which have low energy value. But there could be a potential diminution in this ultimate energy due to the handling, growing, transportation, means of cooking and usage of the food. One may also face difficulties in indigestion if the energy content of the food is low. By doing Reiki on the food, the mislaid energy can be reinstated and the food could be more beneficial. On this note, Reiki does not change junk food to healthy, or clears the effect of the allergens or avoid food poisoning especially if there is a doubt that food to be consumed is unhealthy. One of the simplest methods of performing Reiki is seeking a blessing. One could sit with their meal, close eyes for a few minutes for thankfulness before eating.



Whether going for a family trip or traveling solo, Reiki can be exercised for protection throughout the journey, either from mishaps or picking unwanted foreign energy from a group of people. You could even perform Reiki on the route you intend to travel if you have the map. You could perform Reiki using the Sei Hei Ki symbol or if you have gone through attunement, you may siphon the energy directly. One could use the drawings of the power symbol in the car which you anticipate to travel.



Treating your garden plants with Reiki will make them healthy, vibrant and lush. It is advised to perform Reiki on plants during the germination period, at the beginning of the planting time, and during the harvest season. It is quite easy to tap into the energy of nature as it is associated with the lifeforce energy. It can be done by the process of sound, smell or touch. You can send Reiki through the medium of the power and the distance symbols. It clears off all negative aura around the plants and promotes their healthy growth.