Mercury Mahadasha - Ruling Years, Benefits and Disadvantages

Mercury Mahadasha - Ruling Years, Benefits and Disadvantages

About Mercury Mahadasha

 Once in a lifetime everyone Mercury Mahadasha is known as Budha Mahadasha in Hindi and  Vedic Astrology, it rules for a time span of over 17 years. The planet signifies the brain, intelligence, science, knowledge, mental power, etc. Mercury is a dual planet basically, however, when it comes in contact with any other planet it becomes a neutral planet. Therefore, if a person or his/her horoscope is influenced by Mercury he/she gets involved in and gets the ability to manage two things simultaneously.

During this period of Mercury Mahadasha, there will be numerous opportunities that a person can get benefits and advantages from. This duration of 17 years is considered to be a major period and a huge event in an individual’s life, it determines what benefits and disadvantages will a person will get to experience in the process of living.


How Mercury Mahadasha Affects an Individual’s life?

 The effects of Mahadasha of Mercury will vary and depend on the placement of Mercury and how it functions when combined with other planets and their planetary aspects.

 First, let us talk about the benefitting aspects of Mercury Mahadasha. The Mercury planet provides great optimistic results for people who are born under Tauras, Gemini, and Virgo. When Mercury is well placed it will shower blessings upon you in the form of intelligence and wisdom.


❏       You will have an excellent score in education and will have confidence in speaking and sharing your views in public.


❏       The Mercury Mahadasha will help a person will attain a high status in education and at a social level as well. The individual will be well respected and honored in society.


❏       With a strong Mercury placement, they can opt for higher education fields like research- Ph.D.s, etc.


❏       A well placed Mercury will lead to a beneficial Mercury Mahadasha, resulting in a high rate of success when it comes to trading and finance.

❏       The person with an exalted Mercury and under the influence of Mercury Mahadasha will have logical thinking and analysis of the projects that he/she has taken up.

❏       They will attain financial stability in life, i.e., gain finances through own business and other incomes as well.



When the Mercury is afflicted or not well placed then the person will have to incur losses that will bring out a lot of negative energies in their life. Let’s discuss and know about these negative effects. The people born under the Pisces and Aries sign suffer the worst outcomes of the Mercury Mahadasha.


       â       When Mercury is ill-placed on the Astrology chart then the person will experience extreme emotional stress and get in a lot of accidents.


❏       They will have a hard time focusing on the studies and have a disbalanced economic status.


❏       The person will have difficulty in choosing the right education as well as a work career for him/her.


❏       There will be innumerable obstacles that they will have to cross in order to have a stable life which will make them not so good in public speaking and other areas of public interaction.



Lal Kitab Remedies for Mercury Mahadasha


When it comes to remedies, there are many upayas available but among them, the remedies that more beneficial during the Mercury Mahadasha and to reduce its negative effects are the Lal Kitab remedies. They are believed to be an extremely an effective and inexpensive way to balance the negative effects of any planet, in this case, we will talk about the Lal Kitab remedies for negative effects of the Mercury planet and its Mahahdasha


●      To help nullify the negative effects of Mercury Mahadasha, one should drink water from a small silver glass that is easy to carry at all times.

●      Wearing a copper coin in a silver chain or a pure white thread helps in reducing the negative effects of the Mercury Mahadasha.

●      Avoid charmed amulets from anyone to diminish and keep the negative energies at bay.

●      Last but not the least, the negative effect can be reduced gradually by offering rice and milk to a religious place.


Although, the majority of the effects whether positive or negative or both depends on the positioning and placement of Mercury with other planets. But, Mercury by nature is a beneficial planet therefore during the Mercury Mahadasha period a person will acquire several benefits from it.


 Conclusion: Mercury Mahadasha is mostly a beneficial period of 17 years for an individual unless it combines with other planets. Its effects also depend on the birth sign of an individual, if it is Pisces and Aries, it will show a negative effect but when the birth signs are Gemini, Virgo or Taurus, there will only be positive energies and adversaries. Lal Kitab remedies are extremely helpful and beneficial to reduce the malefic effects of the Mercury Mahadasha.