Mercury in Pisces - Meaning and Personality Traits

People born when Mercury was in Pisces love tranquility and do not want to even get near arguments? They are surrounded by questions like What is the purpose of life? Is God real? They do not care whether they will get answers to their questions or not. They get delighted when they get a friend or lover who is interested in these vast topics.  

Dates: 19th February- 20th March 

Quality: Mutable 

Element: Water  

Positive keywords that describe these people: Gentle, Flexible, Creative, Ingenuous, Instinctive, Affectionate, Soft-hearted. 

Negative keywords that describe these people: Insecure, Scatterbrained, Messy, Feather-headed. 

Some of the famous key personalities who have this specific placement are: Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, Vivienne Westwood, Ursula Andress. 

The personality of Mercury in Pisces: Decoding 


According to Astrology, the way of communication preferred by Pisces includes using their intuition. So, when Mercury is in Pisces, they emphasize (if they can) the aura of the situation in leu the facts. They find ways when engaged in conversations. They have a way to tell people what they like to hear.  


Mercury in Pisces people can easily know where the tone of the conversation is going and then adjust themselves according to it to avoid any clash. While this can sound like they are just lying or not being true to themselves and other people, well, nothing like that sort. They do not want to cause any trouble.  

Positive Traits of Mercury in Pisces 

In Astrology, the planet Mercury symbolizes communication, sanity, knowledge, and risk management skills. When Mercury is in Pisces, it means necessary steps should be taken to ensure that everybody is happy with the results. These people are caring and tender which is noticed by others clearly in their way of talking and etiquette. They depend on their recollection of an emotional situation to keep moving. 

Talking with Mercury in Pisces people is always a pleasure. These people are very great listeners making others feel heard and important. They want everybody to feel comfortable and express their views freely without the fear of judgment.  

The things that are important to their near and dear ones, is also remembered by these people. They take more care of other people than they do of themselves. Their flawless psychic power lets them see when other people are hurting or sad. And they will try to provide comfort to them with any possible means.  

Negative traits of Mercury in Pisces 

When Mercury in Pisces people want to gather some new information, they will dig through the small facts to get the bigger information. Doing so, they often miss those minutest details. Although it helps them in processing information easily, it makes them messy and forgetful sometimes too.  

The way of doing this includes considering a very small part of their opinions. Their open-mindedness is helpful but at the same time, it creates hindrances for them. They cannot put into the work that involves paying attention to details as they are unable to focus.  

As these people are imaginative and live in their fantasy world, they are not able to communicate in a direct way. They can see many things clearly than others can but are not able to explain them to others. They should learn how to clearly say what’s in their head.  

Most people try to take advantage of them because they seem impressionable. They cannot stick to a belief too long, that is why people easily get irritated while debating about a specific topic with them. While having a conversation with someone, these people get distracted from what they were talking about and start thinking about something else.  


Mercury in Pisces people can easily see things that others can’t but even after that, they can miss minor details which can be very irritating. They need to learn how to concentrate on more important things instead of getting lost in their thoughts. They are very impressionable so people use them to take advantage of them. No one can make them hold on to one particular belief, and Mercury in Pisces people do not do this on purpose, it is their open-mindedness that does not let them accept only one belief.  

If they want to become better at communicating, they should learn how to keep their focus on the topic they are talking about rather than diverting from the topic. But while doing this they should be careful that their unique vision does not get lost in it. Their unique vision is what brings prosperity and tranquility in their lives. Without these people, this world may become boring.