Mercury in Cancer - Meaning and Personality Traits

Mercury in Cancer - Meaning and Personality Traits

Mercury is the ruler of our thoughts, ideas, and way of communication. Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is extremely emotional. When Mercury is in Cancer, the communication abilities of the individual become more intuitive. Instead of relying on spoken words, they use emotions to convey their messages. Famous celebrities with this arrangement are George Barnard Shaw, Judy Garland, Carl Jung, etc.  

The personality of Mercury in Cancer 

Cancer is the most emotional and sensitive of all the zodiac signs. With the presence of Mercury in Cancer, the individuals become more sensitive than they already were.  

People with this arrangement tend to become very subjective and personal. They take offense at the slightest mistakes from the other person. They refrain from talking unless it is very important. They are often slow in responding to the comments. So, people mistake them as being “deep thinkers”. They probably could be too because cancer is a meditative and reflective sun sign. These people use their excellent listening skills to figure out the deeper intentions of the person.  

Positive traits of Mercury in Cancer 

People with Mercury in Cancer have a great memory. They not only memorize the facts but also pay attention to the details surrounding the facts. They take some time to think about what the details mean. They understand the new situation and what effects the situation can have on him/them. They take a step-by-step approach to solving the problems.  

They become quite intuitive when Mercury is in Cancer. They understand the feelings of the other person beyond what their words can explain. They are not fooled by the fake flattery. They will understand the intentions behind your words in seconds. They do not have a very logical bent of mind and understand the situation by the emotions involved in it  

Passion drives their communication. At least that is what the people around them think. Their confidence and conviction draw people into the conversation. They are also very good listeners. They will listen to each and every word you say and then give you useful insights into the matter, even things that you did not notice carefully.  

But they are extremely defensive of their opinions and thoughts at the same time.  

Negative traits of Mercury in Cancer 

The only thing that holds people back with this placement of Mercury in Cancer is their fear of confrontation. They have an obsession with being “the good guy”. So, they stay away from fights as much as they can. The result is that they often refuse to stand up for themselves. They confine their opinions to themselves.  

At rare times when they do decide to speak up, they try to manipulate the situation in their favor.  

As they are extremely sensitive and emotional, hurting their feelings and emotions is the easiest thing to do. Sometimes they make wrong decisions because their logic is overpowered by emotions.  

They overreact if they are challenged to do something. Defending their opinions and thoughts is their topmost priority.  

They are not very good at small talk. So, people often get distant from their close friends and family. They gave a good memory. So, they remember the past incidents and personal trauma for a very long time. They find it difficult to let go of bad memories. So, such memories haunt them for a very long time.  

The people with this arrangement understand the situation by putting themselves in the shoes of others. Empathizing with others is their biggest tool. The best way of communicating with people in this arrangement is to divert the attention from the factual information to the emotional side of the events.  

Such people should be left alone while making important decisions. They will make good decisions if they are given the time to figure out things and think about them deeply. 

Arts and creativity can be a good outlet for their emotions. If they cannot convey their feelings by words, art will become very important to express the depths of their emotions and experiences.  

Going to a therapist to talk about their feelings will help them a great deal to let go of the traumas and overcome their fears.  


Mercury and Cancer as a pair seem peculiar to even consider in the head but individuals who have this placement of Mercury placed in the zodiac sign of Cancer, there lies a terrific opportunity for these individuals to be sensitive as well as straightforward at the same time. They can empathize with different kinds of people but can also cut them off in a snap if they feel someone is fishy to them or the situation is fishy overall.