Mercury in 8th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Mercury in 8th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Mercury is the planet that is all about the intellect, communication, and the mind which is capable of analyzing things. This planet deals with the qualities of human beings that are on the higher side. Whereas, if we talk about the eighth house it deals with things like death, longevity, and other related things. Hence the association of the Planet Mercury and Eighth house can be favorable for the bearers at one place whereas unfavorable at another.

The presence of the Planet Mercury in the eighth house brings with it features like keen interest, investigating minds for people. This association can make one curious to know everything about others. They are extremely great at analyzing the mind of other people and along with this, their intellect is one thing that makes them different from others.

Let us have a look at the goods and bad that this association has to convey for the life of the bearers who have the presence of the Planet Mercury in their Eighth house.

Aspects of life affected due to Mercury in the Eighth House:

  • Intellect.
  • Curiosity.
  • Self-belief.
  • Social life.
  • Trust in others.

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The bearers of the Planet Mercury in the eighth house are usually the people who are pretty good at business, finances, and other subjects which are related to investigation and research. They talk while having authority over others which makes them attractive to others. People persuade them for the kind of words they use during communication that it even attracts the people from another field to them. It is usually seen that whatever they do has some purpose either for themselves or for the world. They are pretty sharp when it comes to their mind and they are extremely good at preparing strategies and also, they are great in socialization and communication.

These people have an inquisitive nature and they are always interested in knowing about others. If any situation happens in front of them, they are always inclined to reach the depth of the matter so that they can easily understand what is going on in the background. This nature makes them capable of performing great when it comes to professions that are associated with research and investigations. They have curiosity in solving mysteries and take every challenge in the same way.

When Planet Mercury is found in the eighth house the native can be seen interested in occultism, metaphysics, and hypnotism as they are very interested in reading others' minds. The natives should understand it for a fact that their communication skill is something which attracts many towards them. They should know how to use this skill at its best so that they can convey their ideas. Once people get their perspective the bearer of Mercury can ace through any field.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics:

The bearers of the Planet Mercury in their eighth house are often retrograde. As mentioned earlier, they are very interested in paranormal activities but they should perform every activity cautiously. During the phase of performing any activities, they should understand the complexity of a situation because it might worsen things for their health. It might be possible that bearers of Mercury can get respiratory failure which in return could result in their death. They may also get financial losses because they overindulge in things.

These people are usually very mysterious and resultant could be found attractive by others. People visit them out of interest to get insight into new things. The bearers of Planet Mercury could be very unpredictable in their conversation. What they converse about could be intriguing leaving people brimming with questions. These people present themselves with authority that others around them don't feel like questioning.

One thing about these people is that they are very good with their emotions as they don't show their emotions in front of others. They can speak their mind but keep their heart to themselves which makes them different from others. In certain situations, this could be a negative thing for them when it comes to their relationship. And not expressing their emotions could make their relationship vulnerable. In certain situations, this event can result in marriage failure too. As their partners are often confused about what is going on in their heads.


The bearers of this association are often people who are highly intelligent but their excessive indulgence in things can worsen the situation. That is why it is suggested for them to overcome issues like getting too occupied in things and focus on the present. These people should be expressive about their emotions.