Mercury in 12th House – Impact and Characteristics – Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the presence of Mercury in the 12th house of the astrological chart is an indication of a bad omen. Although, the mystery of astrology is such the situation varies with the difference in perspective. People who have Mercury in their 12th house can be exceptional authors. They hold the potentiality of being the best author of the decade. If Mercury is in conjunction with Ketu in the 12th house, this indicates the person can be gay or bi-sexual. The 12th house in the astrological chart indicates the hidden talents of an individual. It symbolizes the tendency of the individual to settle down in a foreign country. The 12th house is the representation of the lack of enemies and also the lack of diseases.

Aspects Of Life Affected Due to Mercury in the 12th House

  • Health and Well Being
  • Social Attitude and Behavior
  • Wealth and Finance
  • Career Prospects
  • Love and Relationship

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

If you have Mercury in the 12th House of your astrological chart then it can be said with confidence that you are intelligent and highly thoughtful. You will have faith in religion and being religious and prudent are the two unique qualities that determine your personality. You will be inclined to the thought of going on pilgrimages. To fulfill your desire and prove your dedication to your religion, you will also embark on a tough pilgrimage. The presence of Mercury in your 12th house makes you a polite person. You are going to be highly knowledgeable and will gain immense knowledge on Vedas, shastras, and other religious information. Your generous nature is going to be highly appreciated by others. You will engage in charitable activities such as donating clothes. You can also be a part of a few NGOs and do something for society.

The presence of the Mercury in your 12th house determines your religious personality. You are going to spend a considerable period in Yagyas and performing religious rituals. You are going to be highly skilled in your professional career. This will also bring huge fame and success fr you. You are going to be a brilliant author, scholar, speaker, and illustrator. Your loyalty towards your profession and the honesty you show while working will be highly praised. You will achieve victory by inspiring others and the entire society will know your versatile personality.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

There are always two sides to a coin. The position of Mercury in the 12th house also has its disadvantages. You are going to be lazy and will likely procrastinate a lot. This may end up demotivating you and may not be able to reach your goals. You can also tend to engage in corrupt practices. Or sometimes you may even corrupt your level of performance owing to procrastination. You might feel a little betrayed and abandoned by the others. You are very frank about others and this might not be appreciated every time. You have to learn to be diplomatic and understand the importance of how to respond.

The presence of Mercury in the 12th house makes you spend your money extravagantly. You might also encounter serious ailments and fall extremely sick. You may also indulge yourself in sinful activities for which you might face serious criticization. Mercury in the 12th house makes you dependent and reliable. You might enroll yourself with companies that can defame you and corrupt your reputation. This will eventually cause you isolation and you will have the presence of no close friends in your life. You can also end up being poor and uneducated which will highly affect your mental health. You might also have to face public accusation and criticization for the corrupt practices you have engaged yourself with.


The position of the planet Mercury can bring you fame as well as it can also defame you. If you utilize and channelize your energy and thought process in the ethical direction you are going to achieve a lot of success. Your religious nature and true faith in worship will inspire people. You are going to gain immense knowledge on religious studies.

People will look at you as an educator and preacher. You will incline yourself to gain different skills. However, if you decide to embark on the wrong road you will have to encounter criticization. You are going to be accused in public which will bring down your reputation. You have to be very careful about the decisions you make in life. Overindulgence can ruin you.

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