Mercury in 11th House – Impact and Characteristics – Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the 11th house indicates the aspects of hopes, positivity, wishes, and powers. The desire to attain power and fulfill the wishes and an individual’s source of income is dictated by the 11th house. The 11th house helps us to understand the achievements in life and how one is going to make big establishments. One of the most important positions of Mercury is in the 11th house of the Vedic astrology chart. Mercury in the 11th house symbolizes the intelligence of a person. The planet Mercury dictates an individual’s thinking process and his skills of multi-tasking and the way the individual manages a particular situation.

Aspects of Life affected due to Mercury in the 11th House

  • Social Attitude and Communication Skills
  • Process of analyzing situations
  • Logical and Pragmatic Approach
  • Health and Well Being
  • Prospects in Career
  • Wealth and Finance
  • Relationship and Romantic Affairs 

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

The presence of Mercury in the 11th house can have several benefits. Mercury dominates the external facial beauty of a person. Therefore, a person with Mercury positioned in the 11th house is blessed with beautiful fiery eyes and is also likely to have good health free from diseases. There might be a contrast in the personality of a person. The individual might be very firm while taking a decision but at the same time will also have the tenderness of a poet. The individual is going to be very well behaved and honest.

If you have mercury in your 11th house, be assured you are going to steal the spotlight. The opposite sex finds you highly attractive. Your strong sense of commitment towards your partner indicates a blessed happy relationship. Your affectionate nature is highly appreciable by others.

Your curiosity in learning more makes will make you highly enthusiastic in gaining different skills. This will help you to evolve as a creative person. Good fortune will never leave your side and you will be able to prove your efficiency in different aspects of life. You are going to be famous and extremely wealthy. You will likely bear more female children and attain huge wealth. Mercury in the 11th house also indicates longevity of life.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

Mercury in the 11th house will make you have a very small appetite. You can find yourself often engaging in quarrels. Your mindset is going to be restricted and you might indulge yourself in using the wrong unethical methods. You are overambitious and this is going to affect your mental health seriously. Your desire to attain success will affect your reputation adversely if you chose the unethical path. Wrong use of means and methods can bring about shame to your reputation and can also make you guilty of gruesome crimes. It is always advised to be career-oriented. However, never forget that you are capable of achieving way more with your sheer dedication and thirst for knowledge.

Your restricted mindset will not be appreciated when it comes to making serious decisions. When you are restricting yourself to only certain aspects you tend to miss out on the other opportunities that life has to offer you. Your restricted mindset can also cause obstacles in your work life. This might be the cause of disharmony amongst your colleagues and you. You sometimes can be overindulgent. This tendency might make you spend your money on unnecessary purchases. You need to have a check on this attitude of yours. Money that could have been utilized for better purchases needs to be invested.


The position of Mercury in the 11th house is one of the most exciting readings in Vedic Astrology. Mercury is the house that determines the connection and bond an individual is going to have in their lifetime. Therefore, Mercury in the 11th house determines the friendships and networks of an individual. The process through which the individual can present himself or herself to the outside world is highly dictated by the position of Mercury in the 11th house. Mercury in the 11th house brings huge fame and success upon the individual.

The individual is going to be blessed with good fortune and wealth. However, this also calls for cautious steps. Fame and popularity may provoke you to take methods that are risky and unethical. Don’t be fooled by the temptations of life and try to achieve success loyally and dedicatedly. You also need to be cautious in overindulging yourself in different luxuries which aren’t necessary. Try to invest money and also control your temper.

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