Reiki healing, channels the lifeforce energy through our body, the energy in authority for all life in the cosmos, and offers numerous benefits like relief in pain, reduction of stress, and imparting a sense of safekeeping and peacefulness.

The concept of Reiki empowers the seven chakras located in our body, as discussed in the previous articles and are parallel to the endocrine system in our body. The endocrine system of our body produces hormones in minimal amounts and is accountable for our emotions, happiness, anxiety, agitation, lethargy and mood swings. Maintaining the balance of the hormones and in the alignment of the chakras keeps a healthy state of mind, and results in a better concentration and focus. A serene mind would provide the best outputs while doing a job.

Memory enhancement through Reiki can be attained by the use of the seven chakras in our body or the Reiki symbols.



There are several approaches to memory improvement and retention through Reiki culture.

The process of attunement is the opening of the crown chakra and its alignment with the six other chakras. Attunement enables the flow of spiritual energy through the individual. After this process, one becomes a basin for channeling Reiki energy for oneself as well as healing others. When one is already attuned, they can summon Reiki by placing the palms over both closed eyes, an act of invoking the crown chakra, or the sixth sense, or the solar plexus or heart chakra on a daily basis for about a span of ten to fifteen minutes. This progresses memory retention and boosts concentration and focus.

Another track that can be preferred for gaining merits like memory retention, focus, and balance, the visualization technique that can be used. In this process, one can shut down eyes in a solitary, inaudible surroundings and envision the crown chakra, or the Sahaswara chakra being replenished with light energy and illuminating with it. When the topmost portion of the head is being filled with energy, it is in turn, illuminating the other six chakras. Picture this for a couple of minutes and one is certain to be reinvigorated after this process of Reiki. This exercise results in an amplified retaining power of the mind. It is recommended to practice this Reiki form of meditation either early morning after waking up or in the evening.

These few drills are very useful for students and can be used in the exam period, for better learning, understanding and increasing the capacity of mind. They can be practiced during the exams or early morning on the day a certain exam is scheduled. Also, an individual can give maximum output only when the body and mind are in synchronization and are comfortable, which can be achieved through these Reiki exercises.



Referred to as Sei Hei Ki in Japanese, this symbol assists the purposes of cleansing, healing and, restoring the mental and emotional equipoise. the drawing of this symbol is represented by a washing wave or a bird’s wing in flight, gestured in an inclusive wave. This symbol is primarily a protection symbol that keeps away the undesirable energy and all that comes with it.

These symbols can be used in books and notebooks for memory enhancement and retention. One can draw these symbols on the pages of the notebook for better learning. It can also be done by visualizing the harmony symbol over the crown chakra and hence drawing more power for the mind, increasing its capability. Sei Hei Ki is also used for enhancing short-term memory.

It is believed that this symbol creates a link between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, forming a bridge between them and establishing congruence between the two segments of the brain.  


Thus, memory can be boosted through Reiki and we can accomplish a greater level of understanding and wisdom by this amazing established unconventional technique.