Meditation hacks and tips for beginners at home

Meditation hacks and tips for beginners at home

“Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight” -Ajahn Brahm.

These days when our lives are running so fast and we are all under stress and pressure of different kinds. It becomes necessary to bring our minds to rest sometimes. Forgetting all the stress, giving relaxation to our mind, body, and soul. And the best way to do it is to meditate and relieve all the stress that surrounds you.

Meditation is the state of relaxing our minds and connecting with our inner self and with god. It is keeping silent for a span of time and focusing on oneself free from all the worldly possessions. Meditation generally requires concentration, observation, and awareness. It is required to be done calmly and with eyes closed. It can be practiced in groups but practicing it individually is more ideal. In ancient times, deeply contemplating something was considered to be meditation but today it is practiced more as a physical exercise to give peace to our body and mind. Mediation is the food for the soul. It brings together mind, body, and soul. It is a way of cleaning your system from all the negativity and stress around and starting afresh.

Once an individual starts practicing meditation, he /she will notice a plethora of benefits from it. It helps in lowering the blood pressure, relieves tension and pain, strengthens the immune system, and increases energy levels. It provides better concentration and retention power, maintains the stress levels, develops creativity, promotes peace of mind, and in turn leads to happiness and contentment. It helps in the overall well being of an individual. It is also believed to improve the physical and mental health of an individual. It has also helped in maintaining self-discipline and control over oneself.

Considering the vast number of health and other benefits of meditation who would not think of making it part of their lives. You can now find so many classes for learning the art of meditation these days. But it’s not always easy to learn outside because of several reasons. So, starting meditation from home can be quite comfortable and relaxing. You may not be a pro at meditating but starting from the beginning can help you master this skill gradually. During such times of COVID-19, it becomes all the more inevitable to practice meditation to vent out all negativity and instill energy and positivity around. We will be discussing below some hacks and tips as to how to start and practice meditation for beginners at home.


First things first, you being new to meditation it is important to start from less and then increase your time. When learning the art, you can practice for 10-15 minutes daily and gradually increase the time to 30 -45 minutes.

Secondly, to be strict with the routine of meditating daily. Just practicing for a day or so will not help. Make it a routine to spare a few minutes and not skip any single day and then reap the fruits of it.

Choosing the way you sit while meditating also helps. Maintaining a comfortable posture and a place where you can meditate with ease.

The place where you choose to meditate also helps. Always choose a place which is quiet and less disturbing. Avoid noise and disturbance as your mind needs peace to practice meditation.

How are you keeping your eyes during meditation also influences your capacity to meditate? Usually while meditating the eyes are slightly open. But whether keeping your eyes closed or open completely depends on you. Just practice and experiment both ways and see what works best for you.

When joining something new it is always best to try with someone as it helps in getting that motivation and zeal to do that work. Similarly, while stating with meditation practicing it with few people or groups will always work. Focusing on your breath also counts for an important aspect while practicing meditation. Just go with the flow of your breath, Keep a close check while you are inhaling and exhaling as it will help you to keep up your concentration if you get distracted any time.

We are always pondering over something or the other. Our mind is full of thought both negative and positive all the time. So, as a beginner, it becomes important to control our thoughts and keep our mind free and relaxed. It might be difficult in starting but eventually, you will master over your thoughts. You should think of blue skies and thoughts as clouds, it will help to a great extent.

Making meditation part of your life like other things will help focus on it better. Try practicing and making it a daily routine and making it a habit will certainly work.

To give yourself that much-needed motivation for starting your day with meditation. You can read books on topics of meditation which you can find on the internet or a nearby book store. It will help you get connected and awaken your senses.

Another way is to see youtube videos, CDs, and other videos of instructors which can help you in guiding better. You can follow a particular video or session and set your routine accordingly.

The clothes that you wear also form an integral part of your meditation process. Try wearing clothes which are comfortable and breathable. A pajama and a t-shirt in cool colors will do the work as it will give you that motivation to get up every day and start your session.

There are quite a lot of meditation techniques available. The one which suits you best should be practiced. Do research on the different techniques and find the one that you can do easily and with comfort. Don’t compare your techniques with others. Mediation has different forms.

Lastly, a smile is key to success. Remaining peaceful and smiling will keep you calm and help you practice better. Don’t forget to express your gratitude to your body, mind, and soul who has been kind to you to help with meditating.