Measure your Intimate Desires in Accordance to your Birth Month

Measure your Intimate Desires in Accordance to your Birth Month

Your zodiac signs sure do blurt out a lot about your characteristics, but have you ever considered digging a little deeper? Your birth month will help us do the honors in this case, as for this article let us have a look at your sexual desires with your birth month under the spotlight. Spot your birth months and Find out whether you are kinky or soft, emotional or detached. 

January- Waiting for the right connection

To begin with, the ones born in January, let us just say that they are one of the kinkiest people in terms of their physical fantasies. But the catch here is that not everyone is lucky to experience this side of them. These people need some sort of connection and affection to be that kind of crazy with someone in bed. They dont mind waiting for the right one no matter how long it might take, until then their kinky thoughts are locked up in their hearts.

February- Emotions infused with adventure

If youre in here with these Feb borns for a minimal period and if you know that this relationship isnt going anywhere, well then unfortunately you dont get to see the adventurous axis of these people. February borns are highly intrepid in terms of their physical fantasies, but they will let that side out only if they feel some sort of emotion connect with you.

March- Lazy? or Sensual?

There is no doubt in the fact that you will always witness these march babies lying around in their bed and that sure is a sign of laziness, but do not infuse their laziness with that of their sexual desires. That is far from being lazy under the sheets, they love to try out new stuff with their partner make their time passionate and fun while in bed with their beloved, if you know what I mean?!

April- Quickies

If youre looking for the perfect replica of intensity personifiedthen no need to look further, because this is it. They are emotional and passionate in terms of their sexual preferences, despite being emotional if they did not feel the connection or if the sex isnt that hot anymore then they might not try too much. Theyll quickly move on and probably look for a better match. 

May- The Old School Way

The people born in this month are quite the ones to spot beauty in their sexual charms. If your May-born partner decides on giving you a surprise tonight then you can expect an old school setup like that of scented candles, fairy lights, sexy lingerie, and some erotic music. They think of their sexual intimacy as a grand gesture, and that is the way they tend to plan it. 

June- Masters in all spheres

Speaking of the June borns, let us just say that if youre dating one then youre never going to get bored in terms of your sexual fantasies. These masters of sexting will probably turn you on even before you realize it. From trying new intimate activities to enjoy till the last minute, theyre all in for the process.

July- Connection before Intimacy

They are not the one-night stand types, because they prefer knowing the person inside out before getting intimate with them. So, if you wish to get laid and lucky tonight then the catch here is that you will have to make an emotional connection with these July borns in the first place and probably then we can talk intimacy.

August- Black or White!!

While discussing the innate intimacy of these august borns, you must know that there is no in-between for them, they are extremists which means that whether youll have the time of your life with or youll probably hate it. If you want the latter to happen, well then you better not instruct or dominate them while in bed, became that is a pretty big turn-off for them. 

September- A tricky Catch

September borns and their sexual desires resemble a little to that of the July borns. They tend to look out for an emotional connection first and make a move for intimacy. Theyre not the ones to get satisfied easily, but once they connect with you then there is pretty much nothing they wont do for you. 

October- Cuddly Bears

Well, now speaking of the October borns, there is just one word- Cuddly bears! Foreplay is more of their thing rather than being excited about the actual intercourse. The moments before and after are more affectionate and game-changing for them. After sex cuddles and being the bigger spoon is what gives them the actual kick. 

November- All in one!!

There is probably no such position or activity they havent tried in terms of their sexual fantasies. November borns are the ultimate masters when it comes to their intimate side. Love, passion, and kink are full of everything, so if youre partner is a November born then I must say that youre a lucky one. 

December- Intimacy infused with Fun

Never judge a book by its coverperfectly defines December born while speaking of their sexual characteristics. They might seem to be all shy and conservative, but deep down they are the most quirky and entertaining personalities to hang out” with.