Meaning behind the Queen of Cups tarot card

The Queen of Cups has a woman sitting on the throne with a cup in her hands. The throne is placed near the sea, which makes the surrounding lonely and very calm. In the tarot card reading, the Queen of Cups mainly signifies emotional feelings. The Cup that the queen is holding signifies the unconscious mind, which has different thoughts existing in it. The ambience in the card points at the serene mind. She is just sitting beside the water in her throne with a cup. The hidden meaning of the card signifies that the mind is in our hands. There is ups and downs of the waves in the water, but the mind sits and just observes the ambience. The water of the sea couldn’t touch her legs as the legs are resting on the pebbles on the shore. It can be a representation of a connection with the emotions and the surroundings but not getting too attached by anything.  The Queen of cups has a different meaning in different areas of life. It deals with the mind and the various feelings inside it. The cup is the representation of the mind. But the representation changes with the orientation of the card. The upright orientation has one specific meaning while the reverse shows different meaning.


Upright Queen of Cups


The upright queen of cups shows compassion, care, someone who is emotionally stable and in flow with their life. When in the tarot reading, the Queen of Cup comes, then it signifies that you are nurturing and a compassionate human. You care for people in your lives. There is a deep connection between emotions in your lives. You are someone who forms a connect but doesn’t get too attached or overwhelmed by things. You know where to draw a line. You are a sign of power, love, compassion.

The upright Queen of Cups also means that the surroundings near won’t be able to influence you. You observe things by being present in the situations. But there is a lot of control in yourself. You know how to control your mind so that it doesn’t get affected by the surroundings. Queen of cups also signifies deep emotional level with people. It can also be a sign of gaining back the emotional stability. The woman in the Queen of cups signifies someone who is very emotionally stable.


Reversed Queen of Cups


The meaning of the upright Queen of Cups becomes opposite in the reversed Queen of Cups. As the Upright Queen of cups signifies control in their emotions, the reverse might signify that you might get overly - sensitive to things. You face difficulties in forming a separation line. Your surrounding can easily affect your life. You will no longer be able to disconnect with the surroundings. There might be a lot of insecurity, sadness and stress in your lives. You might become very sensitive. In the upright Queen of Cups, the woman shows power and control within themselves. The mind was in her control. But in the reversed Queen of Cups, the mind no longer stays in the control. Everything gets controlled by the surroundings. Your mind will become dependent on the surrounding. You might be overly attached to things in your life. Your mind is in not in sync with your emotions. The overwhelming emotions are creating a lot of stress in your mind. You need a break from the ongoing noises inside your mind. You need to create a balance between your mind and your life. Otherwise, things will become very difficult. Hence, we could understand the different meanings of the Queen of cups in the tarot cards. It mostly acts as a prediction for emotional mind, feelings and mind.