Meaning and Interpretation of Tower Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of Tower Card in Tarot Reading

What Does the Tower Card Say About You?

They say “Tarot has all the answers to life that a human needs”. We all have heard about Tarot card readers, whom you can ask almost any question under the sun and they will give you the perfect answer every time. They say the Tarot has all the answers about the past, present, and future.

And whenever we think about the Tarot, one card always strikes our mind, which we are very concerned about i.e., the most dreaded Devil card. But Tarot experts have something else to say.

Experienced Tarot experts say that if there is one card, we need to be wary of, is the TOWER CARD. The Tarot card experts say the Tower card has immense power which can bring destruction, sadness, or sorrow in a person’s life, but it has a good side as well, so, let's see, what does the Tower card say about you?


The Tower card is the 16th (XVI) trump card or a Major Arcana card in most Italian decks. The Tower Card is depicted as a solid tower that is built on a rocky mountain being struck by lightning and fire crawling out of a small window situated on the top of the tower and a crown getting flown by. Two people leap from the windows to save themselves, though it is a solid tower because it is built on an unstable foundation it took just one lightning to cause destruction.

The Tower card generally means danger, dishevelment, sudden unpleasant change, crisis, destruction, and liberty but it also has some deeper meanings. The Tower card denotes that a huge change is going to come in your life which might be for better or for worse, but whatever it might be it won't be easy. It denotes failures, illness, financial failures, divorce, destruction, and chaos.

The Upright Tarot card denotes accident, damage to life and property, destruction, chaos in life, catastrophe, sudden changes, and renovation. Inverted Tower card denotes illness to you or your loved ones, obstacles at work, disharmony, losses at business, and volatile situation. The Element governing this card is Fire and its ruling planet is Mars. 


The Tower card in a love reading means a huge change is on its way to almost ruin your relationship or make it stronger. The Tower card in a relationship means illness, sudden change, chaos in personal and professional life which will have a great impact on your relationship. If you are someone who got the Tower card in a love reading, it doesn’t mean that you will lose your love or your relationship is going to be ruined. It means that there will be many changes and difficulties in your way of love, and you might have some problems with your partner. But who doesn’t right?

This time will be the test of time for your relationship or how strong your love is. The sudden changes, financial losses, illnesses, chaos in life are the test for you and your partner. If you both love each other then, your relationship will stand through this test and be stronger than ever, but if it doesn’t, you should have never been in that relation.


If you get the Tower card in a career reading, then it is a matter of concern because this is the area in your life that will be most affected. But that doesn’t mean that you are doomed or going to get bankrupt or your career is getting over. There will be tumultuous times that may be a cause of concern, there will be sudden changes in your work environment, financial failures are bound to happen. We advise you not to start any new business venture or anything new because they may turn futile.


If you get the Tower card in your Tarot reading, don’t get worried, yes, it might not be good news, but as they say “The things you hate, can also make you great”. It denotes that a huge change is going to come in your life which is going to sweep you off your feet, there are going to be sudden upheavals which you may not be ready for, but who knows, maybe this is life’s way of testing you to check whether you are ready for all the wonderful opportunities that life’s going to throw at you.

It might bring bad luck with itself but remember the bad times show us who our true friends are, maybe with this change you will get to know the true faces of your close ones. Think of it, as an opportunity to grow, because we know these times are going to teach you a lot and you are going to come out of this stronger than ever, ready to face anything, with a no-nonsense attitude.