Meaning and Interpretation of The Wheel of Fortune Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of The Wheel of Fortune Card in Tarot Reading

The Wheel of Fortune Card- Indicator of Change in Life

They say if you get the Wheel of Fortune card in a Tarot reading, you are lucky? What is this Wheel of Fortune card anyways? If you are a Tarot sceptic and want to learn about the details and significance of this particular card, go on reading this article. We will explore what this Tarot card means and its intricacies and what it aims to teach us about the world we inhabit outwardly and metaphorically.

What is Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune is the tenth trump card or major arcana card in most tarot decks. It is depicted by a giant wheel in the centre of the card. On the top of the six or eight-spoked wheel, there is a human or in some cases sphinx wearing an Egyptian-style headdress. Sometimes, the wheel is inscribed with letters T-A-R-O, when read clockwise or T-O-R-A, when read anticlockwise. These are aligned against the four spokes, which can be read as R-O-T-A. ‘‘Rota’’ is a Latin word meaning “wheel”. The wheel is surrounded by four creatures- the man, eagle, fox, and lion. They represent the four zodiac signs- Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo. But they are adorned with wings which may mean that they are the four evangelists, symbolic of wisdom and self-understanding. The snake is descending on the side of the wheel. The wheel is rotating continuously, in a cycle, which suggests that life is continuous. If one phase ends, the other continues.

Upright Wheel of Fortune- Meaning

If the wheel of fortune appears in your tarot card reading, it means that you will see some major changes coming your way. Sometimes, these changes could be good for you, sometimes these changes are not easy. But, whatever happens, the outcome will be positive in the case of the upright wheel of fortune. It represents the uncertainty of life. The conditions and situations we live in will not persist forever. If this is a difficult phase of your life and you are struggling, the struggle will end soon. You may soon experience a change and bear sweet results for your struggle.

This card also reminds you of karma. Remember, “Karma is a bitch”. You will receive what you gave to the others. So, if you have been kind to others, they will have a similar outlook towards you. If you wrong others in any way, it is time to pay for it. So, be compassionate and considerate towards others. If you are in a relationship, the upright wheel of fortune indicates that you will take your relationship to the next step soon. You will remain healthy, both physically and mentally. Your career will reach new dimensions in this period. Precisely speaking, the universe will be in your favour, no matter the change.

Reversed Wheel of Fortune- Meaning

The reversed wheel of fortune also indicates change but these changes may not be good for you. It indicates that there will be a period of negative growth in your life. You might make good decisions but something will distort the condition resulting in a pessimistic impact on life. It can represent those things that are going well might fall apart, resulting in severe self-damage.

There might be a sudden upheaval in your relationship. The old reconcilable differences might become a problem and create misunderstandings between you and your partner. If your love life hasn’t been so exciting before, it will deteriorate further. It also signifies that you won’t do so great professionally and academically. Your health will be affected due to the stress in your life. This is the time when you need to take good care of yourself. You need to take a break and carefully take your decisions. Your decisions will impact your life. But this is only a phase and won’t last long. All you need to do is continue your journey with faith and confidence. Good things will follow. The change will come.  

People believe in Tarot reading a lot. They do so, sometimes for comfort and ease, sometimes because of disappointment in life, sometimes to make sense of the world, sometimes due to apprehension, sometimes because unreasonable trust seems the best way to live through the circumstances. But, whatever happens, good or bad, won’t last forever. The phase has to end sometime for the beginning of a new phase. That is something that the Wheel of Fortune teaches us.