Meaning and Interpretation of The Lovers Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of The Lovers Card in Tarot Reading

The Lovers card depicts a nude man and woman standing under Raphael, the angel. The name translates to "God heals," and it symbolizes both physical and mental recovery. The angel blesses the couple and assures them of their divine marriage. 

The pair is standing in a lovely, lush environment evocative of Eden's Garden. A large apple tree sits behind the lady, with a snake snaking its way up to its trunk. The snake and the apple tree symbolizes the allure of sensuous pleasures that may divert one's attention away from the Divine.  

Behind the guy is a tree of flames symbolizing passion, man's main preoccupation. The twelve flames represent the zodiac signs, as well as time and eternity.  

The man turns to the lady, who is watching the angel, who is pointing out the route from the conscious to the subconscious to the superconscious, or from sexual pleasure to emotional demands to spirituality. The phallic volcanic peak in the backdrop symbolizes the explosion of desire that occurs when a man and a woman interact in full nudity. 

Interpretation of Upright Lovers Card in Tarot Reading 

The upright Lovers card, in its simplest form, symbolizes mindful bonds and genuine relationships. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, it indicates that you have a lovely, soul-honoring relationship with a loved one. You may think you've discovered your life partner or sweetheart, and the sexual drive for you both extends well beyond desire and immediate pleasure to something extremely spiritual and even Tantric. 

While the upright Lovers card is usually associated with a sexual connection, it may also indicate a strong friendship or familial relationship in which affection, regard, and empathy are abundant. The Lovers card represents communication and honesty. Given that the guy and lady are nude, they are both willing to be exposed and have learned to open their hearts to one another and express their real emotions. 

They provide the container in which confidence and trust may develop, resulting in a strong connection between the two. This card represents the creation of a satisfying connection based on trust and respect through speaking freely with people you care about. 

On a more personal basis, the Lovers card symbolizes clarifying your principles and convictions. You're finding out who you are and what you believe in. After going through the Hierophant's brainwashing, you are now able to form your belief system and determine what is and is not important to you. 

The upright Lovers card is often used to indicate that you are in a moral quandary and must weigh the repercussions before action. Your value system is being tested, and you are being urged to choose the higher, even if harder, route. Do not make a choice based on fear, anxiety, guilt, or humiliation. You must choose love now more than ever - compassion for yourself, kindness for others, and love for the World. Choose the most positive version of yourself. 

Lastly, the Lovers card urges you to combine opposing energies.  

You may combine two pieces that seem to be opposed and produce something complete, united, and harmonious. 

Interpretation of Reverse Lovers Card in Tarot Reading 

The reversed Lovers card represents unconditional love and peace. It may indicate that you are out of sync with people around you, especially your loved ones. You may notice that your connections are strained and, communication is difficult. 

When the Lovers card is reversed, it may indicate that emotions in relationships are not reciprocal. One individual may be more emotionally invested than the other, and this difference may lead to dissatisfaction and uncertainty later on. For fear of being wounded, you may be hesitant to give your heart to the connection. 

The reversed Lovers card represents self-love and tolerance as well. To what degree do you embrace and respect who you are and the worth you bring to the world? Be aware as well if you admire them and wish you were more like them. Realize that if you can identify these characteristics in others, it is because you possess them yourself. 

If the Lovers card is reversed in readings, you may have to make a difficult decision with serious repercussions. Rather than making decisions based on your beliefs, you are inclined to take shortcuts and avoid accepting self - responsibility. You may believe you could get away with it, however, the reversed Lovers urges you to reconsider and take the route that is more in line with your Ideal State - no matter how difficult it may be. 

The reversed Lovers card may also represent internal problems and being at odds with oneself rather than external forces. It denotes discord and a battle to maintain your inner unity.