Meaning and Interpretation of The Justice Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of The Justice Card in Tarot Reading

 Life lessons by the justice card - Karmic Justice, Accountability, and Honesty.

The word astrology comes from the Latin word astrologia, meaning ‘star divination’. Astrologers study the movement of planets and stars. It is a commonly perceived notion that human behaviour is actively affected by the positions of planets and stars and these movements can influence the lives of humans. Tarot cards are used most popularly for this purpose. There is a pack of 78 tarot cards. One of these cards is the justice card. In this article, we will understand the description, meaning, and significance of the justice card. 

The Justice card- Description

The Justice card is the eighth trump card or major arcana card of the tarot’s deck. The Justice card contains the figure of justice sitting in front of the purple veil. In the right hand, lady justice holds a sword that has a double-edged blade. She holds a scale made of gold in her left hand. The figure in the card represents justice and balanced life.  

The upright Justice card- Meaning and significance 

The Justice card stands for justice, truth, fairness, and accountability for your actions. If this card appears in your tarot reading, it means that you will be treated fairly, according to your actions. If you have done something unfair or bent the truth only for your benefit, you will get justice. Lady Justice doesn’t differentiate her children and she won’t bend the rules for you. If you have been kind and helpful to others, you will get the same in return. If you have been deceitful and treacherous, you will receive the same treatment. So, it is time to take responsibility for your actions and make amends for your wrongdoings, as early as possible. If you have been cheated on, this card’s appearance will satisfy you.

The Justice card will also affect your love life and relationship. It means that if you have shown love and trust to your partner, you will get it in return. It will strengthen your relationship. But, if you are repulsive and resent the decisions of your partner, you will meet the same fate. So, if you get a justice card, you need to compromise and adjust to the needs of your partner. If you are single and a loving, compassionate person, you will soon find the love of your life. 

The Justice card indicates that an important decision needs to be made soon. The decision can be in respect of your career or some workplace dispute. It signifies that attention is required in a particular domain. So, decide with utmost honesty and best intentions at heart. 

The Reversed Justice Card- Meaning and significance

The reversed justice card indicates that you have done something morally wrong. Others might not be able to see what has gone wrong. But, in your heart, you know that it was a bad decision. So, you have a choice to either accept your mistake and live with the consequences. Or, you can hide it from all the people around you, let them think that you are innocent, and live with the guilt of it. Both these situations will have different outcomes. But whatever your decision is, you will have to live with it and deal with the consequences yourself. The reversed justice card in this situation could have been like an opportunity to own your mistakes.

In the case of love and relationship, you might be putting in all your efforts but something still might be missing from your relationship. Maybe luck is not on your side or maybe your past mistakes have been brought to light recently that affect your relationship. At this time, you need to sit back and introspect. Let the anger subside, then accept your mistakes. This will be a difficult time for you but you need to compromise and understand and deal with the situation accordingly.  

This might be a hard time at your office or your career in general. There may be an unfair situation at work. You may want to fight neck to neck with the person. While this is tempting, you should be reasonable. Resisting would only make the matters worse. You need to stay calm and do your work silently. Sometimes, you have employed unfair practices at work. Try to resolve those issues. Learn from your and rectify them. 

Lady Justice in this card is not blindfolded which means that she sees the actions of the individuals and weighs them accordingly. The work of lady justice is to maintain balance which is maintained by justice and honesty. So, we should be one-hundred-percent true to ourselves, always.