Meaning and Interpretation of The Fool Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of The Fool Card in Tarot Reading

The Fool is the first Major Arcana card. This card plays an important role when it comes to tarot readings that are different from the regular ones. This card marks new beginnings and represents the arrival of better days. When you see this card, you will observe a young man who is walking towards his destination with his eyes on the sky. You will also observe a white dog around the young man's leg which in itself is a representation of loyalty. 

The Fool is the card that represents new beginnings, better potentials, and unexpected opportunities. The appearance of this major arcana card while your tarot reading is proof of the arrival of better days in your life. Well, the card can be divided into The Fool (Upright) and The Fool (Reversed) based on their predictions. 


The first Major Arcana card, The Fool, brings with it new beginnings. This card is a positive one when it appears in your tarot reading. It could mean that the gates of new adventures are opening towards you. These adventures may drive you towards your calling. It could be a sign that you might get a chance to go for a vacation that will be full of adventure. Overall, it is a positive sign to get this card while you're reading the tarot. 

Love & Relationship 

Upright: When it comes to relationships, The Fool is the card that brings excitement with a seasoning of spontaneous situations. If we talk about commitment, The Fool predicts the lack of commitment in your person. Whereas for singles, The Fool can be an exciting card with carefree and impulsive romance. In a nutshell, the Fool is for sure the card that predicts loving without boundaries but it is recommended to not miss on a true relationship when it comes your way. 

Reversed: When it comes to the Reversed The Fool tarot, this card can reflect some weird behavioral instances in you and your partner. Either of you might hold yourself back to take your relationship towards a new horizon because of your expectancy of new adventures. This card predicts the feeling of instability and insecurity in your relationship. 


Upright: The Upright tarot card of The Fool represents a positive sign for your vibes and energy. Whereas on the other instance the appearance of this card predicts the time of the accident-prone for you. There are chances that you might come across good news such as pregnancy because the card itself predicts the beginning of a new life. 

Reversed: When it comes to the Reversed the Fool, this card is all about the feeling of vulnerable health. This card also predicts that you might stumble into a major or minor accident thus, practicing mindfulness is extremely important for you. 

Career & Money: 

Upright: The Fool is the card that proves the arrival of new opportunities in your life. This could be a new business or a new job. You would be inclined towards finding yourself ways to start something of your own. Whereas, coming to the finances this card predicts that the flow of money would be equal to your efforts. It means the amount of effort and hard work you will put into your work; the results would also be the same. 

Reversed: Speaking on the financial grounds, the Reversed card of The Fool states that many financial opportunities are paving their way to you. If you put your heart and soul into your work then the sky's the limit. You have unlimited ways of opening towards you for the better days, it's up to you how you take it. Whereas talking about the appearance of this card career-wise, predicts restlessness for you. You might be found losing interest in your work. You might fail to keep your opinion in front of others because of a lack of confidence. It is suggested to take a stand for your opinions to do better in your professional career. 


Upright: The Fool states you are seeking ways to get on to your spiritual ride. You might feel confused because of the questions people are raising around you on your spiritual journey. But you have to understand one thing that you are the only one who is responsible for his/her decisions. So, unless it feels right to you it is right for you. 

Reversed: The Fool reversed is a sign that you are on the right track of your journey towards spirituality. The deepness you want in your spiritual journey might seem right to you but it is very important to understand one thing that is when to stop. Giving yourself a moment and analyzing what would be right for you in the bigger picture is required.