Meaning and Interpretation of The Empress Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of The Empress Card in Tarot Reading

General Interpretation of The Tarot Card Empress in a Tarot Reading

The powerful Empress Tarot Card holds a high degree of positivity and feminine energy. Whenever this tarot card comes up in your reading, it is a sign of a good omen. The Empress is an extremely beautiful woman with lustrous hair. She is a sign of courage and power who has the crowd, that she adorns graciously on her head. 

She is wearing a crown that comprises twelve stars which is an indication of the connection between the mystical world and the ever-going natural cycle of the universe. She is a symbolism of fertility who is calmly sitting on an array of cushions. Her feminine energy is a sign of love, fertility, abundance, courage, creativity, and power. 

Upright Meaning and Interpretation of Empress Tarot Card 

According to the major Arcana, the Empress card in the upright position is a strong representation of fertility and motherhood. If you are in a relationship and the Empress card comes in your love reading it suggests that soon you are going to receive positive news. You are soon going to embark on a new adventure of motherhood. The Empress card in general interpretation can mean fulfilment and joy. The Empress card is a gentle reminder that you need to embrace the soft side of yourself a little more often than being rigid all the time. Give yourself the liberty to enjoy the emotions that you desire to feel and trust your intuition. 

The upright side of the Empress Card is a very positive card. It indicates that you have been manifesting positive changes in your life. It is the representation of the fulfilment of wishes and desires. If you have been looking for an affectionate partner, you are soon going to meet them. Be prepared as your soulmate is on the horizon looking desperately for you. It is also an indication of passionate sex. Many people will feel inspired by your creativity and dedication. You are following your passion which is going to be rewarded with huge success and abundance. If you are someone who has been struggling, it is an indication that your worries are soon coming to an end. Your finances will be flowing and you are soon going to experience a period of solitude. 

Reversed Meaning and Interpretation of Empress Tarot Card 

When the Empress Tarot card is reversed, it suggests that you have to embrace your feminine characteristics now. It is not only restricted to women but is also applicable to men. The perfect combination of both masculines as well as feminine energy is capable of making history and achieving milestones in life. If the empress tarot cards come in reverse it is high time to realize to channelize your energy into the spiritual aspects of life. You are too focused on the materialistic aspects of life, rather than understanding the emotional and spiritual aspects of a healthy life. The reversed Empress card indicates disharmony which can be caused primarily because you are constantly putting others before yourself. It is high time that you have to understand that placing others' needs before your own makes you emotionally exhausted and sometimes it is extremely overwhelming. 

If you are single and have been looking for a potential partner, you need to first understand your emotions. You might encounter several potential partners with whom you can comfortably vibe. However, you need to be true to yourself. The one that you are pretending to be on the outside, isn’t the actual you. Just to gain your partner’s affection and care you don’t have to change yourself. The reversed Empress card suggests breakup or negative news. You need to be aware of the people surrounding you and you will be required to overcome the fear of anger and rejection. You need to understand your desires and let go of your insecurities. You are born to be free and it is very important to feel the courage. This sense of encouragement needs to be given to oneself as a token of appreciation, that born to rule and inspire others. 


When the empress tarot card comes in your reading to have to understand with great emphasis. Trusting your intuition and establishing a strong foundation for yourself is one of the major indications of the empress. In the upright version, the Empress is a sign of motherhood and fulfilment of a wish. However, if the card is reversed, take it as a warning to embrace the soft and subtle side of yours.