Meaning and Interpretation of The Emperor Card in Tarot Reading

The Empress is the symbolization of feminine energy, on the other hand, the Emperor is the representation of masculine energy. The Emperor is the father figure, who sits comfortably on his throne and is adorned with four rams on his head. He holds an ankh in his right hand while he holds an orb in his left hand which represents the world. The orb in his left hand refers to the world that he rules and dominates.  

The Emperor wears a red robe which indicates his power and authority over the others. He adorns himself with armor underneath the robe which suggests that he is protected from external threats. He has a long white beard which is suggestive of the number of lifecycles he has covered and the wisdom he possesses. The gold crown that proudly wears on his head indicates him as the superior authority. He demands to be heard and respected by others. In general interpretation, the Emperor is an indication of an authoritative figure who possesses strong powers and intelligence. His approach towards life is backed by logic. His pragmatic and mature decisions are highly respected by others.  

Meaning and Interpretation of The Upright Emperor Tarot Card  

The Emperor in upright form represents an old man who has lived long. He has the experience which makes him wise enough to conduct business. He has great wealth owing to his logical and intuitive mindset. He cannot be easily fooled and acts as the protector. He is the fatherly figure who is stubborn with the decisions he makes in life. He doesn’t engage himself with the frivolities of time and spends time rigorously practicing himself to turn into a better human being. He is hardworking and career-oriented. Sometimes, disappointments may engulf him as he might struggle to meet the expectations, he sets for himself. Being a fatherly figure, he wants nothing but the best for his family and sometimes overworks himself. This overindulgence can sometimes affect him mentally and physically, making him exhausted.  

If the upright tarot card of The Emperor comes in your general reading for the present or the future, be assured it is a very positive omen. This indicates you are preparing yourself and nurturing yourself to transform into a wiser human being. You will be an inspiration for others, owing to the success you will achieve in your lifetime. If you have been doubting yourself with a decision, the Emperor tarot card suggests that you are following the right path. If you are single, the emperor card indicates that you are soon going to meet a man who is older than you. You are going to engage in a romantic relationship with this man. This man will help you to structure your life. You are soon going to follow a rigid routine that will help you in your personal growth. He is dependable and protective of you. 

Meaning and Interpretation of The Reversed Emperor Tarot Card  

The Emperor tarot card in reverse is an indication of the dominance of an abusive authority in your life. The reversed Emperor card in your general interpretation is suggestive of an old man who is abusing his power and is too dominant over you. This makes you feel vulnerable and powerless. You feel stuck under his dominance. Although, he intends to guide you on the right path, however owing to his sheer dominance and authority the essence of guidance is being replaced by fear and anxiety. If you are feeling stuck in this kind of situation, you should keep calm and diplomatically approach the situation. You can take advice from your trusted ones to handle this toxic solution. In case if you are feeling a sense of violation of safety, don’t be afraid of standing up for yourself.  

The reversed Emperor Card is also an indication that you are allowing your mind to be overruled by your heart. There needs to be a balance of mind and heart. The Reversed Emperor indicates that you are lacking self-control as a result of which your self-esteem is being hurt. In a love reading, the reversed Emperor card is suggestive of an imbalance of power. You may be with a partner who is trying to dominate you resulting in unhappiness and conflicts between the two of you. The reversed Emperor card also means a lack of consistency in your career.  

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