Meaning and Interpretation of High Priestess Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of High Priestess Card in Tarot Reading


The High Priestess can be seen sitting in front of a fine veil embellished with Pomegranates. On each side of the Priestess stands two pillars. One pillar is in color black with the letter B printed on it and the other one is in white with the letter J printed on it. The High Priestess is seen wearing a blue dress with a cross on the chest and a crown. In her lap, she holds a scroll with TORA written on it. There is a crescent moon at her feet.  

In general, the meaning of the High Priestess relates to inner knowledge. When this card appears in your tarot reading it indicates that you need to listen to your intuition rather than focusing only on conscious mind and intellect. When the High Priestess appears it depicts the divine feminine- the mysterious woman that understands and carries the solutions to queries about self, nature, and religion. She represents the one who is intuitive and starts to open his or her spirituality. Meditation and new spiritual practices are suggested. Now, the High Priestess card can appear in two positions- upright and reversed. These two positions convey completely different meanings in a tarot reading. If you want to know what these are then continue reading.  

Description of the High Priestess (Upright) 

When the Magician guards the conscious mind and tangible world, the High Priestess guards the subconscious mind and she is a teacher of mysteries and sacred knowledge. The High Priestess sits at the entrance of the conscious and subconscious mind thus traveling between them effortlessly. She is here to teach you the tough reality of the world and it’s not what it looks like. She guides you through a thin veil of consciousness, making you understand deeply about the Universe. When she appears in your Tarot reading it indicates you need to go with your gut feeling. Start paying attention to your dreams and the signals the Universe is trying to send you. 

In a love tarot reading the High Priestess usually indicates that you will become attracted to a sensual attractive feminine who may be unattainable by you. If you are a female then there are chances of you being highly desired by more than one person. People will find you alluring! If you are with someone then the High Priestess indicates great sexual relations.  

In areas related to money and career, the High Priestess indicates that you will soon realize an opportunity or information that is beneficial for you. For the ones involved in Arts, this card represents inspiration and creativity. Be careful of whom you discuss your financial issues.  

Description of the High Priestess (Reversed) 

If the High Priestess appears reversed in your tarot reading then it indicates that you need to pause and focus on listening to your inner voice and wisdom. You may have been too much involved in other people’s drama whereas you need to focus on yourself and choose what’s right for you. It is time to get silent and draw yourself away from the outside noise and observe what your inner self is trying to say to you. You may have been doubting yourself or feel guilty about listening to your intuition and as a result, you deny yourself of the infinite opportunities. This card reversed indicates that your intuition wants to guide but you are not willing to listen to it. You may be worrying too much about other people’s opinions or fitting their judgments.  

In a love tarot reading the High Priestess reversed indicates that you will still be highly desired by people but you will question their intentions or the attention will make you feel highly uncomfortable. If you are in a relationship then you may notice uncontrollable emotional attacks and high sexual tension. If you find yourself in a situation where your partner is looking for arguments or you are losing patience with them then take yourself out of that situation immediately and try to relax. 

In money and career tarot reading the High Priestess reversed indicates that you are not maintaining the loop in work. As a result, you may be feeling detached and isolated. This card reversed indicates a deceitful female coming into your life so be careful of whom you trust. If we talk about finance, this card represents you understanding all conditions before considering a loan or signing a contract because someone may try to fool you. If your gut feeling doesn’t approve it then go with it.