Meaning and Interpretation of Hierophant Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of Hierophant Card in Tarot Reading

The Hierophant Tarot card is the High Priestess's male counterpart. He is known as the Pope or the Teacher in some Tarot decks and is governed by Taurus. The Hierophant is a spiritual character who sits between two pillars of a holy temple, but this temple is not the same as the one wherein the High Priestess sits.  

He has three robes – blue, red, and white – and a tri-tiered throne, all of which symbolize the three realms he governs over (the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious). He carries the Papal Cross, a triple scepter in his left hand, representing his holy rank. He lifts his right hand in a religious benediction. His two fingers pointed to heaven and, two pointed to Earth. 

Two followers kneel in front of him. The Hierophant must pass on his spiritual knowledge and introduce the two into the church so that they may fulfill their duties. This picture represents a common group identity as well as a rite of passage to the next stage. The intertwined keys at the Hierophant's feet symbolize the harmony of the conscious and subconscious minds, as well as the unlocking of secrets that only he can teach.  

Interpretation of upright Hierophant Card in Tarot Reading 

The Upright Hierophant card symbolizes a collection of spiritual ideals and beliefs that are frequently linked to religions and other formal systems. The upright Hierophant urges you to study the basic principles from an authentic source before you understand your system and make your own choices. 

Work with a professor, instructor, or guide to educate you systematically about spiritual ideals and beliefs. It may be a compassionate and kind mentor or authority that fosters your spiritual understanding, helping you reach the Divine via knowledge of the traditions and fundamental truths. You may also conduct a formal study session while examining a topic that has been well researched and recorded. 

You may take on the position of instructor and mentor for others if you have previously mastered some area of study. Honor and recognize your duty for a systematic sharing of your knowledge that respects the ancient traditions. 

The upright Hierophant may urge you to honor, disregarded family customs or holy rites. It urges you to engage in the healthiest spiritual practice - no modification, no adaption, no restrictions. If you lack routine and tradition, you may establish a regular practice before a meal, such as daily prayer, or grace. Explore your roots, whether spiritual or religious. 

The upright Tarot Hierophant card is frequently used as an institution or as a group member. You may have a profound feeling of comfort in which individuals with well-established beliefs and clear values are around. This card deals with identification with others and a style of thinking that will help you understand more. 

Interpretation of reversed Hierophant Card in Tarot Reading 

The reversed Hierophant, in its most favorable form, tells you that you are your instructor. All of the knowledge you need comes from the inside, not from an outside source or force. Instead of mindlessly following others, you are being encouraged to pursue your path and embrace your spiritual belief systems. It may seem uncomfortable at first as you find your way, but you will begin to accept yourself and connect with your inner wisdom with time. 

Someone else might question your reasons for deviating from convention, however, you know deep down that now is the moment. You no more need outside permission to succeed with the reversed Hierophant. You are willing to go alone and do things your way, even though it means defying convention. Allow yourself to accept your inner guiding system as you chart your next steps. 

Reversing the Hierophant is also about opposing the existing quo. You see different perspectives on the world and are prepared to put to the test the very notions and ideas you were instructed where the 'truth.' You no longer accept the strict institutions, tradition, and dogma that surround you; instead, you look for ways to revolt and regain your authority. If you're feeling limited or constricted, and you've lost your sense of independence and adaptability, it's time to establish your own rules. 

The reversed Hierophant urges you to question how things are typically done and if they fit with your beliefs. You might be operating on autopilot and following the crowd up until now, but you can see that adjustments are needed. Additionally, the Hierophant in reverse is analogous to a rebellious adolescent who starts to question society and engage in anti-institutional actions. There may be a spin with the law or a clash with a parent or other authorized person.