Meaning and Interpretation of Chariot Card in Tarot Reading

Meaning and Interpretation of Chariot Card in Tarot Reading

An individual sits inside a carriage carried by two monochrome obelisks in the Chariot Tarot card.  The figurine sits beneath a blue dome covered with white stars, lending the card a heavenly feel. He wears a crescent lunar symbol on his shoulder, indicating the spiritual power that guides him. A tiara rests on his skull, which showcases that he is fully conscious and that his intentions are honest. A square-like shape is imprinted on his breast, symbolizing the earth element, the physical world, that supports him and his deeds. 

The mythic creatures are monochrome in color, representing warring factions that the centurion must know how to handle. Those animals are quiet here, but they regularly get into fights because they appear to want to migrate in opposite ways. His mission is to lead these mythic creatures to a place designated by the supernatural forces he symbolizes. A large river rushes behind the carriage, symbolizing the necessity to keep flowing with life's cadence while also pressing towards your objectives and aspirations.  

Upright Chariot Card andit'sMeaning 

The Chariot is a symbol representing drive, endurance, and resolve. With the Couples card, you've figured out how to make judgments with your ideas, and now you're putting those choices into practice. When you see the Chariot in a reading, regard it as a hopeful sign. You've defined your goals and now are harnessing your strength and courage with a passionate determination to achieve them. You can accomplish this if you devote dedication, passion, and determination to your objectives. 

Now is not the chance to stay inactive and hoping that life turns out well for you. Adopt decisive action and keep on going, despite what obstacles you face - and trust me, there are obstacles. You might find yourself tugged in opposing ways, putting your fortitude and commitment to the strain. Others could try to stop you from reaching your objectives, divert you, or hold you back. The Chariot card is a call to summon your resolve and focus on matters that matter to you. This way, you can overcome the challenges that stand in your path. 

The Chariot encourages you to be assertive and fearless. It will be hard to find your way until you are courageous in voicing your demands and establishing your limits. You must believe in yourself and understand who you are and what you fight for on a typical level. The Chariot can signify mobility in a natural context, notably riding or enjoying a car trip. You could even be planning on selling your house and getting a brand-new car so you can tour the globe! 

Reversed Chariot Card andit'sMeaning 

When the Chariot is straight, it's a sign that you should move forward with a massive endeavor and overcome any difficulties that might get in the way of your goals. The reversed Chariot urges people to hurry up and strive forward when they're in backward. You may find yourself pounding your thumb with a hammer, attempting to drive a task forward if, in reality, you should step back or alter course. Alternatively, you may have lack drive and no longer enjoy dedication to the result as you were before you even began. Re-evaluate the issue and weigh into it to determine whether it's a hint that you'll need to alter direction if it isn't going according to plan. 

Seize this chance to pull the ropes by becoming more diligent in what you're doing if you prefer to have control of your fate and know what you're getting. Although being powerless might be depressing, the trick is to focus on how you've influence over and what you don't. Permit yourself to be unconcerned about what is beyond your control because you cannot alter it. Alternatively, concentrate on your efforts to manage things. Consider what you'll do to make things better. 

Likewise, the Chariot inverted indicates that you are attempting to regulate every last facet of your existence. However, you are feeling even further out of management in the context. Let go of your hold and let events occur as they will. Be receptive to assistance proposals and thankful for anything you acquire, even if it falls short of your hopes. You don't have to be the one leading everything all the time!