May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Taurus

May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Taurus

Happy birth month Taurus! The sun has entered your star sign and it is your time to be whomever you wish to be. So be the best of all people and let your bull horns shine this may. What would be better than knowing the future to prepare for it? We have a guide curated just for you, which has all about your birth month. Think of it as an advanced birthday gift from our side.

1.Love and Intimacy

Last month was kind of hard on you and your love life but this month you can convert all your dreams into reality. The planet Jupiter seems to enter the hemisphere of Pisces on May thirteenth. This will be a great time to plan and put your mind to action. If you had liked someone for a long time and did not confess your feelings, tall them.

It is a high probability that they like you back. You also have the kind effect of Venus supporting you. Venus rules the love and all its confines so she will help you to break those confines too. Do not let your mind mingle in the matters of the heart. IF you have someone in mind, tell them. IF you have a partner, this is high time you show how much you adore them. 


You will have a tough time with finances this month. The expenses seem to increase and you will have to work harder for what you wish to achieve. This is not a great time to invest the money. You should focus more on saving money than spending it. It is not advisable to spend money on large expenses at the moment. This could prove to be a good time for you to plan your future investments and act accordingly. Focus your mind on sharpening your ax better than actually cutting the tree, at the moment. Avoid traveling to far places in hopes of income because it will not help you.   


The prospects of health are excellent. You will have no major issues related to many ailments. The position of planets seems to be great for the benefits of health. You may experience your previous health problems vanishing if you work for them and take the medicines at the right time as advised by the doctor. You may have some minor ailments related to the eyes or back, but they will go away if you care about them a bit.

If you feel like you have stress, practice mindfulness and meditate in the morning. This is a good time to practice a fitness regime as you can always be healthier. If you follow a diet program do not forget to continue it and abstain from celebrating a cheat day even if it is your birth month.

Last month was a bit cruel on you in the health sector, but this month, things will go better than in the past. You just need to go with the flow and work out the plan on making your health better. This month will be a pause from all the physical pains.  


This month could prove to be a bad time for the students. You will face more academic challenges than your peers. You will need to work harder for what you wish for. The star positions for learning new information do not seem to be on your side. The time for professionals does not seem to do well too. You will have a negative relationship with your colleagues and this will affect your work. The work can cause you to stress too. You will wish to take a break from the work but the growing amount and the mountains of work will not allow you to take a break.

The hard work that you will put into your vocation will not prove to give satisfactory results. This is not the time to quit though. The bulls are never quitters. Take inspiration from the rising phoenix and come back stronger.

The month seems to be bittersweet for you. Work for the hard parts and focus on the good ones. You may get some good news in the middle of the month. Keep your mind and work positive and all will be good.