May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Scorpio 

May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Scorpio 

Welcome, Scorpio's to the brand-new month of May! The ending of April might have left you feeling dizzy because of the powerful Full Moon. If you had been feeling tense because of it, do not be as this is a new start. If you’re somebody who is a tad bit suspicious of these horoscopes and predictions, then at least try. You may just get a new insight that may carry the potential to transform your life utterly. 

Let us look at your monthly horoscope for May and how you can make the most of it in the areas of Love and Intimacy, Money, Health, and Career! 

Love and Intimacy 

Scorpio people will be feeling a little blue during the entire duration of May if they do not control their jealous and possessive tendencies. If you are in a relationship with Scorpio and you get jealous and possessive about your partner from time to time, you may just be on the brink of losing your relationship with your partner. You feel very weak after these zealous emotions overtake your mind and body. Harness and cultivate a new change being initiated within you this May, otherwise, no matter how many relationships you be in, you’ll lose them just because of your jealous streak. 

Married Scorpio's will be doing well in their love life. They will be helping their spouse and spending time with them devotedly. Many married Scorpios can conceive a baby during this Month, so beware and use protection, if you do not wish to get knocked up right now. 


Money will be pouring into Scorpio’s bank account. If your money was stuck somewhere and you had not received it in years, May will the month when you will be able to retrieve it. It will solve all your financial quandary and help you feel settled and content again. 

If you are in a debt, dear Scorpio, it will be sorted out with this huge amount of money coming your way unexpectedly. 


You will be facing stomach issues and pain in areas of the neck and around shoulders, Scorpio. It is advised that you exercise daily to avoid bloating and fattening up of the body. If you cannot take time out for walking and exercise, cut your meals and consume 50% of raw fruits and raw vegetables. It will prevent you from getting infections and even viruses. 


May is going to be a very stable month for working Scorpio's. You will be spending a good amount of time working in your office or from home. You’ll be working as a meditator of sorts in whatever field you are employed in. Do not change your job or career path as now is the time to focus on honing your skills even further. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading the monthly horoscope for May, dear Scorpio! It brings us immense joy to see you safe and thriving in life. Keep it up and do not fall sick.