May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Pisces

May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Pisces

Hi lovely Fishes!! The sun has entered the frame of Taurus in this time and this has affected the luck, power, and possessions of all the planets. The effect of the bull has been kind on some and the bull has also shown its anger on some star signs this season. The question of how my time will be ahead might be poking your mind. The bull seems to be on your side, generally but we have divided the aspects of life into four parts to get in-depth analysis. So get the power of reading about your life, before you live it.

1.Love and Intimacy

Taurus brings the season of Venus with them and Venus is the goddess of love. It will not be very surprising if you see the effect of Venus on your love life and have feelings for someone. The position of mars is also very important while predicting the love life. Mars is a planet that opposes the love between two people. It is better if mars stay away if you wish to find love. This good occurrence is happening for Pisces as till May twentieth the mars will let to find whom you desire and also Venus will be on your side so the feelings will be reciprocated. So keep your heart on till the twentieth of this month.

After this period, it will be a bit difficult for you to like someone. The position of mars changes on this day and mars will not allow you to like the one you did before. It is of a high probability that the couples will face many quarrels between them on seemingly mundane topics. Keep an eye on what to do and an ear on what you say. At times gestures are more important than the words you so, do not let your words turn into knives in this time frame. Beware of what you say because it may have repercussions.


The month of May will prove to be a prosperous month for the monetary gains. You may feel like the last month had been cruel to you. Now is a great time to plan and turn your actions into profit. The stars are on your side and you can get whatever you want to. You will get profits without putting in a lot of effort.

Take care of your business growth and use this as a time to analyze the past mistakes you have done and the ways you will not repeat them in the future. The finances of the people who wish to invest will multiply. Do not invest a large amount of money in the same sector rather divide the sum into parts. 


This month you will have to take care of your health. Minor ailments related to the head and the upper part of the body seem to be on the charts. You must take care of yourself and your family members. The times seem to be hard globally and may give you anxiety. Try focusing your energies on the positive side, the silver lining of the matter. Take care of your mental health and do not worry yourself sick. Take care of the ones around you and save money if you have it with you for health-related issues in the future.


The people who are in the service sector and wish to change their job may start looking for a new one, as they will get better prospects. There seems to be the effect of Jupiter in the twelfth house, this may harm the ones who are in the service sector. Watch out for the people who are with you and the ones who pretend to be with you. Watch out for the wolf in sheep’s disguise, as they may harm you the moment you are relaxed and unaware.  

For students the time is good. They will need to study hard but will get the desired results too. They must not take any stress of work which Pisces generally tends to do. Their lack of mental peace can be a barrier for them if they do not take care of it.

The month of May seems to be a good time for Pisces generally, they just need to keep an eye open at all times about what is going on around them and watch out for their niche.