May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Leo

May Monthly Zodiacs Horoscope for – Leo

Have a look at what your Leo horoscope for the month of may says about your attributes So, view your health, career, profession, and love life through a predicted perspective.

Love and Intimacy

The love horoscope for Leo depends upon the state of his love life. If you’re someone who is in a relationship then you have to stay strong this month. Both you and your partner have been ignoring certain problems as you feel like discussing these problems may result in a fight. Mars in the month of may won’t favor your love life as house of love may even cause separation of the couple.

The problems will start at the start of the month and will continue throughout the month. There is a difference in many options and a difference in your way of life. You may constantly fight on the same topics as you just can’t let them out and that may be the start of something ugly. Both people in the couple need to stay calm and try to understand each other to stay together. You have to control your anger and just need to listen so that you can figure things out which can save the relationship.

If you have compassion and understanding with each other slowly but surely things will start to look up at the end of the month. If you’re a couple who is about to get married then things will not be so difficult for you as you can figure out your problems together and just spend time together. Your couple will likely have a great ending and will spend this month peacefully together.


The financial predictions this month according to your horoscope are mixed and even in a way. There are two types of people in this category. One is single and the other one is married. If you’re single, who knows what expenses you have and constant parties with your friends will cost you a lot of money.

At the start of the month, your mars will be the eleventh house which will result in a good amount of money but you can spend that money very quickly. You have to make a budget and try to restrict yourself when you’re spending money alone or with your friends. If you’re a family man who’s staying with your family you are likely saving your money this month for your money to buy something expensive later down the road.

The mars in the eleventh house will be replaced by venus at the end of the month which also brings a good amount of money. The spending can be a problem but you won’t have a critical money problem this month. You just need to watch out for how you spend your money so that you don’t have any problems down the line.


This month you may have a lot of problems with your health. Normally as a Leo, you don’t consult a doctor on small issues as you feel like they’re not a big deal. Don’t ignore any sort of small or minor problems this month as they can cause a big problem for you down the line.

You have to be extra careful about your health this month and you need to consult a doctor for every issue. Saturn is positioned at the sixth and eighth house which is very bad for your health so be extra careful about everything. Some leos will likely have major health problems this month due to the position of your Saturn. To be safe from major illness, you need to have a proper diet and schedule which is great for your body.

Due to your busy schedule lately, You don’t have time for exercise or yoga, you need to change that and you need to make space in your schedule for some sort of exercise daily for your health. If you’re having any form of problems at your place then you need to change your surroundings as soon as possible. Just take a break from your normal lifestyle for a while that may be good for your health.


Your career life will mostly be positive in nature although you may face some problems in the workplace. If you’re into investing your money talk to someone who has experience in that department and only after consulting go ahead with the investment. Rahu and mercury will benefit your career this month due to their presence in the eleventh house.