Kundli matching or horoscope matching is a method to test the compatibility of a prospective couple in Indian marriages. The horoscopes are basically tested for compatibility over a set of eight tests known as the ashtakoot. This process is a long one including 36 gunas or points that need to be matched. The 36 gunas are further divided into 8 categories or kootas, called the ashtakoota which divides the gunas and allocates points. At the end of this gun milan or kundli matching process, a total of 25 gunas must be matching compulsorily for the couple to be compatible. The couple with 25-32 gunas are considered as normally compatible while those with 32-36 gunas are considered highly compatible and an ideal pair. It is said that a name holds the entire energy possessed by an individual. The name has a great impact on everything done by a person and signifies the strength, energy and power held by a person. This importance can be identified in the Kundli matching procedure also where the name compatibility holds great strength and importance. Compatibility is generally checked using the names of the boy and girl who are the prospective couple. These names must be compatible at least normally so as to avoid complications in the future.

Checking compatibility by name

The names of the prospective couple are checked first to find out their signs or rashi. The rashi is based out of the constellations, each indicating a specific sign and consisting of a number of stars. Birth stars are categorized and divided into these 12 zodiac signs or rashis. By identifying the janma rashi or zodiac sign by birth name, the 36 gunas or points are calculated to test the compatibility level of the prospective couple. These can be calculated and if a total of 25 or more points match, they will be deemed compatible. The 36 points are divided into categories by the names Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakut and Nadi. Each of these kootas of the ashakoot signify a specific trait where the couple’s compatibility is tested. The Varna signifies class or societal status which is further divided as Kshatriya, Brahmana, Vaishya and Shudra. The boy needs to be on a higher class to be compatible. In the Vasya, dominating nature of the couple are tested. They are categorized into different groups where one is dominating while other is not to test the compatibility in this regard. In the Tara, compatibility by the birth star or otherwise destiny related compatibility is calculated. The birth star is estimated from the name and moon sign obtained and is further used to test the destiny compatibility. Yoni or animal befriending is another compatibility test to find out the friendship or enmity between the couple according to the animal form they are associated with. This estimates the harmony between the couple after marriage. In Maitri, the friendship compatibility between the couple is tested. The planets associated with each sign or name are selected and the level of friendship between them is tested to estimate the level of comfort they would have with each other. In the Gana, the signs will be categorized into manava, devatha and asura ganas and respective compatibility will be tested. In the Bhakoot or Rashikoot, everyday sync in doing things is tested while in the nadi, child birth compatibility is found.

Name to be used for checking

Astrology suggests the use of the name at childbirth for testing marriage compatibility while the testing of love compatibility can be done by using the prevalent name which is in use. These names determine the level of compatibility between the two in terms of both love and wedding. The only drawback of checking the compatibility by name is the lack of identification of the Manglik dosha. This dosha can be identified only by checking the compatibility using name, date, and time of birth which is considered the complete astrological report of the compatibility between the two. The importance of this dosha will be visible during the marriage planning where there might be hindrances in the activities happening, leading to other issues. A complete kundli matching report needs to be taken before deciding further if a doubt prevails about the level of compatibility between the couple. Doshas present can be easily rectified with a few pujas or other ceremonials which will be helpful in canceling the effect caused by these. The variations between the two kinds of Kundli matching are very few, making this a reliable horoscope.

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