Matching The Horoscopes By Date Of Birth – Kundali Matching

Matching The Horoscopes By Date Of Birth – Kundali Matching

Horoscopes or Kundlis are an integral part of the Indian culture where the matching of horoscopes in the Vedic astrology is a very important aspect for many factors. The Kundli matching or other way known as the horoscope matching is done in a few steps where the 36 gunas or qualities, named as points are divided into 8 categories called the ashtakoot. Each of these eight qualities signifies the harmony and peace a marriage must possess in order to stay healthy and together. These are considered necessary by most families in the Indian peninsula and the kind of estimating the horoscopes varies greatly from region to region. While a few astrologers recommend the checking of horoscope matching or Kundli matching by taking the name, date, place and time of birth for checking the compatibility, there are other methods too such as the one which uses the only date of birth or only name to find the compatibility of the prospective couple. All the methods work, but, there might be a problem while evaluating the doshas or hindrances present in either of the horoscopes and the respective ceremonies for getting rid of these hindrances cannot be done.'

Matching the horoscope by date of birth

While matching the horoscopes, the exact date of birth of the bride and groom is taken to evaluate their Rashi and nakshatra or the zodiac sign and birth star respectively. This will give them an estimated comparison of the two horoscopes giving their compatibility report. The compatibility is tested over eight kootas or categories named as Varna, Vasya, Yoni, Dina, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot or Rashi koot and Nadi. These consist of 36 points which will be divided into the eight kootas. If a marriage is to be successful at least 25 points have to match in the horoscope. Matches with the compatibility of 25-32 points are considered normally compatible and those with 32-36 points are considered highly compatible. These points though not completely, help to evaluate the level of understanding the couple would have and various factors such as childbirth possibility, etc. The Varna signifies class or societal status which is further divided as Kshatriya, Brahmana, Vaishya and Shudra. The boy needs to be on a higher class to be compatible. In the Vasya, dominating nature of the couple are tested. They are categorized into different groups where one is dominating while other is not to test the compatibility in this regard. In the Tara, compatibility by the birth star or otherwise destiny related compatibility is calculated. The birth star is estimated from the name and moon sign obtained and is further used to test the destiny compatibility. Yoni or animal befriending is another compatibility test to find out the friendship or enmity between the couple according to the animal form they are associated with. This estimates the harmony between the couple after marriage. In Maitri, the friendship compatibility between the couple is tested. The planets associated with each sign or name are selected and the level of friendship between them is tested to estimate the level of comfort they would have with each other. In the Gana, the signs will be categorized into manava, devatha and asura ganas and respective compatibility will be tested. In the Bhakoot or Rashikoot, the sync in doing things is tested. In the Nadi, child birth compatibility is found for the couple and the chances of the child birth is estimated.

Date of birth specifications

The date of birth given while checking the compatibility must be the exact date and not an approximate one. This will pose a problem while getting accurate results for the compatibility between the couple. There might be a few doshas or hindrances that need to be resolved beforehand to avoid complications in the future. All these can be easily found using the Kundli matching or horoscope matching process. In most cases this will be true and helpful too. Doshas such as Manglik dosha will not be observable easily while checking the compatibility using only the date of birth. If a person is not sure of their date of birth and if it is an approximate one, the possibility of a wrong reading and misinterpretation is high, causing a problem to the prospective couple. There are other methods such as checking the compatibility by name at birth, which will resolve the problem of lack of a known and accurate date of birth. While this will be an extremely helpful measure, the possibility of checking compatibility by a complete horoscope reading must not be missed to get a detailed report.