The planet Mars is one the planet which affects the life of a person astrologically. People say that the planet mars is called the planet which is full of concupiscence, violence, combat, contention, and embarkation. The presence of the planet Mars in the birth chart of a person may possibly result in diverse consequences. The planet mars indicate the methods and techniques undertaken by a person in order to accomplish his or her goals in his or her life.


When we talk about the planet Mars in terms of the world of admiration and romance, the planet Mars governs over the sexual energy and the desire that a person can possess. While the planet Venus is also said to control the romantic attractions in the middle of two persons, the planet Mars is responsible to rule the fundamental dynamic charm and chemistry amid the people. If a person wants to determine the task of the planet Mars that he or she can say that the planet Mars is the planet of progress rather than relapse.


The planet Mars is widely well known to be the planet of fighting. If the planet Mars is fixed in the 7th house of a birth chart of a person or perspective of the 7th house of the birth of a person, then it may result that the person may marry late in his or her. On the other, it may also formulate a number of problems in his or her life after his or her marriage.


The amount of energy that the planet Mars is too high when it gets matured at age 28. In addition to this, the planet Mars give the person an idea to get married only after he or she completes his or her 28 years. The 2nd and 4th house of a birth chart of a person is considered to be his or her family, the combination of the planet mars with any specific malefic planet like the Saturn, Ketu and the Moon or with alone of Ketu sitting in 2nd and 4th house can be the result of a delay in the marriage of a person.


When the planet Mars is positioned in the birth chart of a person, then it is said that the person is fated to suffer from the dosha which is called mangal dosha. The planet Mars is called Magal in Sanskrit and since the dosha id caused due to the planet Mars, it is named after the planet Mars.


The Mangal dosh is the most customary dosha that a person suffers with but profoundly dreaded in the midst of the different type of cases of kundli dosh. The dosha caused by the planet Mangal is said to be effective and result deeply on the person if the planet Mars is found to be in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses of a kundali of the birth chart of a person. The Mangal dosh which is caused by the planet Mars has a possibility to be de[pendable either high or low on the position in which the planet Mars has placed in the kundali of a birth chart of a person.

The relative positions of other planetary bodies and the method in which the different planets attract into the direction of the planet Mars also depend upon the planet Mars. Some of the consequences of Mangal kundali dosha on the marriage of a person consists an uncertain obstacle in marriage of the person, death of the spouse of a person, troubles for both the wife and husband in their life after their marriage, various abrasions in the relationship and departure from the life companion.


Those people who have a belief in such notions think that a woman who suffers from the fate of mangal dosha caused due to the reason of Mars which is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses of a kundali of the birth chart of that person will cause the husband of that woman to an early death. In order to prevent this disaster, the people make the bride get married to a tree (normal trees choice by the people to make marriage with the woman is banana or peepal), an animal, or an inanimate body.


But these are the things did by the people living in low forests. They do not seem to work astrologically thus, the people have a need to consult an astrologer for a better and accurate remedy for such problems. Normally, the astrologers from the contemporary day culture do not suggest such remedies for any woman or man.

Typical, pujas are made by the bride or the groom who was who suffering from the fate of mangal dosha so that the dosha can be nullified. On the other hand, sometimes the effect of dosha might be extremely high and thus, remedies are null to nullify it, In such a situation the result can be that the person might maybe unmarried for his or her lifelong.