Mars in Taurus - Meaning and Personality Traits

Mars in Taurus - Meaning and Personality Traits

Mars in Taurus people are obstinate and conscious. They take time to do things but do it superbly. These people are easy-going and slow to anger but one should be careful when they lose their temper. The Element governing the zodiac sign of Taurus is Earth and its quality is fixed. Few of positive keywords that describe these people are: Steady, Tranquil, Heedful, Disciplined, Determined, Faithful. Few of the negative keywords that describe these people are: Obstinate, Lethargic, and stern. Celebrities who have this placement are Tom Cruise, Madonna, the late Michael Jackson, etc. 

The Personality of Mars in Taurus: Decoding 


Mars in Taurus individuals take their time to do things right in the first attempt. With the positioning of Mars in Taurus, these individuals become tranquil when it is a matter of bringing firmness. No one can push them to do things they do not want to because they will not be able to finish it.  


In Astrology Mars represents the determination that pushes us, our gut feeling. And Taurus represents stamina. With the positioning of Mars in Taurus, no matter how difficult the goal is, these people will always have the stamina and determination to achieve it. However, this can take their time. But they are not quitters, they will keep working on it with all their strength until it is completed.  

Positive Traits of Mars in Taurus 

With the positioning of Mars in Taurus, these people have the strongest determination of any other star sign. They appreciate easement and certainty so they commit themselves to make their way of living and home just the way they want it.  

They prefer staying at home over traveling outside so they cherish a homey atmosphere where they can recline after a stressful day. These people are fond of delightful things. Therefore, their house can be seen filled with costly but refined stuff. They like the touch of smooth fabrics and congenial furniture; accordingly, their living space is an ideal place to relax. They are great at managing their money because these people tend to have a stronghold over financial matters. Although they are not active physically, their mental concentration is commendable.  

Fortunately, Mars in Taurus individuals are so poised that it is very difficult to make them angry. If someone pushes them too far, then no one knows how will they react. They are patient it doesn’t mean they can tolerate everything. It will just be a matter of seconds; they will go from quiet to angry. If they are given space to think about things thoroughly, they will come back to normal eventually.  

Negative Traits of Mars in Taurus 

When Mars is positioned in Taurus, these people can be very lethargic when it comes to doing some work. That does not mean they cannot complete any task. They work very hard in the day then rest at night. They have made an agenda and no one can force them to do things that are not included in their agenda. This is where their stubbornness becomes annoying to some people.  

These people are not very adjustable and detest when other stuff gets in between their schedules. Their meticulous nature can be clearly seen when they are making a list of tasks for the day and do not include potential problem analysis (PPA). Sometimes, these people can have more than one lover because they tend to get bored easily with their partner and relationship. They can also be violent in sexual matters because of the energy provided by Mars.  

Do not try to make situations less severe for them because they will only budge when they are ready. This can become a little irritating for some people. But those people who know Taurus well, know that they do not have the ability to move quickly. It can actually be a good thing because they are paying attention to each task that needs to be completed.  


Tauruses are the zodiac’s most dependable signs. They are very much devoted to their family, close friends, and beloved. With the positioning of Mars in Taurus, they become a reliable partner for someone who wants a long-term relationship. They may not be as ardent as other zodiac signs but they have their own way of romance and sensuality. They adore slow fondling and light lovemaking at the starting, and they can spend the whole night cuddling and caressing their partner.  

This quality works great in all parts of their lives and with those around them. Some people might find Mars in Taurus people boring whereas some find them very interesting that they decide to be their companion.