Mars in Pisces - Meaning and Personality Traits

Mars in Pisces - Meaning and Personality Traits

People born between February 19 and March 20 belong to Pisces. Pisces, represented by two fishes in opposite directions, is a mutable water sign. The natural ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. Neptune is the planet of endless creativity and dreams. With the influence of mars on Pisces, you are often soft and gentle. You solve the problems and avoid fights at all costs. The celebrities who have the same placement are Vincent Van Gogh, Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Tom Hanks.  

The personality of Mars in Pisces: Decoding  

Mars is a fiery planet. It represents the drive and ambitions of a person to achieve their goals. People influenced by Mars are generally hot-headed. Pisces, on the other hand, is peaceful and emotional. They do not like to be involved in fights. When the placement of Mars is in Pisces, you can be called “peaceful warriors”.  

So, Mars in Pisces is about expressing yourself with love and compassion. You are very doubtful about what you want in life. You have an easygoing personality. You like to go with the flow instead of being caught in controversial situations. Now let us look at the positive Traits of Mars in Pisces in detail. 

Positive Traits of Mars in Pisces  

The presence of Mars in Pisces makes you very emotional. You are empathetic with others and completely understand their situations and points of view. Creativity is an outlet for your emotions. You often keep yourself in the background and observe everything. You only strike when the right and when you strike, you strike hard. Sometimes people might judge you for being slow or even call you losers. But you actually wait for the right time to ride on the opportunity. That makes you smarter than the rest.  

You are very gentle and supportive. You help the needy and weak. You have an emotional heart that comes to the aid of others. You might take a passive approach to solve problems but your approach works. You want romance in your life. You live in a fantasy world. So there will be a lot of foreplay in your sex life that will be appreciated by your partner. You are not a materialistic person and only like the spiritual and emotional connection of those things with you.  

Negative Traits of Mars in Pisces  

You are mild-tempered and passive. You do not do anything directly instead work behind the scenes which could be frustrating for others. You always “go with the flow” and have no real opinions. You avoid making decisions for yourself and others and just let things happen on their own accord.  

You are confused all the time. You do not know what is right or wrong for you. So you do not know exactly what to do in life. You are very moody. It is rare for you to take a firm stance on issues. You keep changing your positions according to situations. Your energy levels fluctuate a lot. You find it difficult to focus all your energy on the task at hand. You would only do good in jobs that require creativity, like an artist, musician and dancer. If you explore a career in other fields, you will not be able to give your hundred percent in that.  

You do not have realistic expectations from the world. You live in your own world of fantasy and wish to escape the real world which makes you delusional. You are not quite competitive. You will always need an extra push to excel in your career. If you do not get that push, your productivity will decrease.  


Gentle and sweet, you are the most compassionate of all people. If all the people have one-tenth of your kindness, the world will be a better place to live. You are emotional and empathetic. Creativity flows in your veins like blood. Exploring a field that requires creativity will take you to great heights. You are devoted to your partner and their happiness. Your sex life will be amazing with all the roleplay and your energy. Your sacrificing nature is appreciated by all.  

With all these good qualities you still have to work on your personality. You must take a firm stance and believe your opinions. Instead of working behind the scenes, you must work in the field. It will have a greater impact. Having fantasies is good but living in the real world is also important. You must give your hundred percent in everything you do. Belief in yourself will be instrumental in your success.