Mars in 7th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Mars in 7th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

The seventh house deals with emotions like aggression, impulsiveness, and over-energetic outbursts. When Mars comes into the picture the inclination of the seventh house goes to one's married life. The association can have the results, either way, it means it could be positive or negative too.

As per the Astrologers, it is usually believed that the bearers of Mars in the seventh house are the people who are very intelligent and intellectually gifted. They are smart and have the clarity of mind which makes them stand out from others. But, their aggression in situations that do not go according to their work changes the whole game plan.

These people struggle to deal with their impulsive emotions. Their frequent reactions and anger issues are two things that they must learn to deal with. They often pursue professions like engineering, armed forces, and business, etc. because of their great intellect.

Let us have a look over things that appear as the results of the association of Planet Mars and the 7th house.

Aspects of life affected due to Mars in the 7th House

  • Married life.
  • Love.
  • Relationships.

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

When Mars is placed in the Seventh house of the native, it brings with it positive and negative impacts. The bearers of Mars in the seventh house are the ones who are intellectuals. This is the reason why they understand their partners better than others. And when Mars is in favorable conditions it brings with it several great things.

It helps one to grow financially, emotionally, and spiritually after coming into the relationship or after they marry their partners. The married life of the natives brings several good things which include prosperity and up-gradation of living conditions.

You tend to relate with your partner on better grounds. The emotional availability to each other increases tenfold. The clarity of mind towards your relationship makes both partners sensible to each other. They understand each other's goals, passion, and aspirations.

As per various astrologers, it is said that a person with such association becomes credible. The experiences of their past relationships no longer remain something that haunts them at any level. They have better bonds with their current partner. Their relationship crosses the limit of doubts and insecurities. Being with their partners becomes a complement to every situation they live in.

The bearers of Mars in the seventh house tend to keep realistic expectations from each other. They understand their partner better and their relationship becomes firm as a mountain with time.

Physical pleasures are also one thing that adds to their relationship and brings transparency in their relationship. Each day they are inclined towards taking their relationship to another level. Their love becomes their greatest strength. They are great listeners and they do not have arguments easily.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

When the association of Mars in the seventh house happens to be unfavorable, it might have adverse conditions which can make the situations worse for romantic partners. The natives who have major anger issues tend to ignore what their partner is conveying.

Such partners struggle with incompatibility with each other. Moreover, they might come across commitment issues too. Their devotion and love for their partners might fade with time.

It is usually found that with time these people lose their sexual energy and love towards their partner. They might happen to be commitment-phobic which brings adversity to their relationship.

At times things can become negative to a level that they no more find adding love to their relationship as an interesting idea. The adverse impact can lead to separation and other related issues too. They are no more left with the willingness to start fresh. On the contrary, there are certain remedies, and adopting them can reduce the chance of adverse conditions.


Well, the bearers of Mars in the seventh house are the people who are very uplifted on intellectual levels. When it comes to their relationship, they want to devote the most to their partner. They are so much in love that their emotional availability remains at their peak.

Whereas, when the conjunction of Mars and the seventh house turns negative, it brings with itself adverse impacts such as anger issues, lack of commitment, infidelity, separation, and other issues like this.