Mars in 4th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Mars represents energy, confidence, assertiveness, and initiative, according to Vedic astrology. The fourth house in astrology is associated with land and property ownership, state of mind, relationship with women, household affairs, and comforts in everyday life. So, when Mars is present in the fourth house all the qualities associated with Mars will affect your life. In this article, we will see how it impacts your life.

Aspects of life affected due to Mars in the Fourth House

  • Domestic affairs
  • Mental health
  • Financial Conditions
  • State of life
  • Land and property
  • Family

The impacts of Mars in the fourth house are both positive and negative. Let us look at the positive side first.

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

When Mars is present in the fourth house, it increases your prospects of financial independence. Not only independence but you will also amass wealth. Since the fourth house represents property and land ownership, you will be the owner of several houses. You will never feel short of materialistic pleasures. You will lead a lavish lifestyle.

Your mind is enriched with positive thoughts, at this time. Thus, your positive energy will help you to overcome the hurdles of life. The position of Mars in the fourth house infuses creativity and enthusiasm in you. So, you will look at life from a different perspective which will make you different. Your curiosity and determination will be admired by everyone. It will make you unique, charming, and desirable. You will be surrounded by women, in general. But you will also rely on women for moral support and encouragement.

You have a bold, caring, courageous, and defiant attitude. So, are more likely to follow a career in armed forces, defense services, police commission, etc. Persistent dedication in your career will make you a success. You will receive acclaim and prosperity in this field.

You have a realistic outlook on life. This will be the same in your married life also. You will go through all the good and bad times with your spouse. You will always support each other and will not burden each other with your problems. People will look to you as a perfect couple.

This placement of Mars in the fourth house will keep you calm and composed. You will have peace of mind. Instead of taking revenge on others, you will forgive them and move on in life.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

The malefic effects of mars in the fourth house result in aggressiveness, short-temper, unwanted desires, and lack of appropriate knowledge. Sometimes, this could affect your relationship also. Your egoistic attitude of being the ‘right’ one could spoil your relationships.

You find it difficult to adjust to the situation. You will be cranky and irritated when such a situation would come up when you do something out of your comfort zone. This could also hamper your relationships. You become very hostile on small issues, which could worsen your relationships.

You are most likely to face stress and anxiety. So, you are more susceptible to self-damage. You are known to be courageous and bold. But if the placement of mars is wrong, you will become weak and worthless. There is a greater risk of losing your money in stock markets or lottery. The malefic effects of Mars can also cause losses in real estate and property deals.

Your family life would also suffer due to this placement. Your family won’t be happy with you. But there won’t be such issues if you live away from your parents or simply from your birthplace.

The malefic placement of Mars is not good for your mother’s health. She might undergo surgery or suffer from ailments caused due to injury. Your mental peace will also be impacted due to this. So, you need to take good care of her and yourself.


It can be said that the presence of Mars in the fourth house will have both good and bad impacts on you. It will make you brave, courageous, righteous, and wealthy. But at the same time, you will have an ill attitude. You will be short-tempered, cranky, and hard-headed. So, you should not lose patience. You should never decide in hurry and whilst in anger. First of all, calm yourself, think about the outcomes of your decision and then give your judgment.

You should not lose your temper with your mother and wife. Have respect for their opinions and trust them. You should do some mental exercises or meditate regularly for peace of mind. With, the right attitude and temperament, you will sail through all the conditions smoothly.