Mars in 12th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

Mars in 12th House - Impact and Characteristics - Vedic Astrology

While Mars is in the twelfth house, its inhabitants are inclined to suppressing their impulses. They can also act emotionally and often irrationally to everything. Others may have difficulties communicating with them since they will sense something like this about people.

Because they have such feelings of grudges that are always disguised and placed in the rear of their brains, likely, they will subconsciously believe some people keep some kind of grudge against them. People should focus on their entire effort on figuring out what their true mission in life is, rather than on insignificant matters. They will undoubtedly be happier if they merge with the rest of humankind and build healthy connections.

Aspects of Life affected due to Mars in the Twelfth House

  • Truthful / Polite
  • Sacrifices for the sake of others
  • Energetic / Vibrant
  • Philanthropy / Charitable person

Positive Impacts and Characteristics

It is the negative aspects of this setting that shines off. However, there are a few positive aspects to the people of Mars when it occupied the 12th house. The prime feature of people in this setting is their bravery. People are courageous in nature, and nothing can easily scare them off. They work out often, which contributes to their impressive physique. One can easily sense the energy or vibrancy that their eyes show, irrespective of the mood that they are in at the moment.

People of Mars, when it occupies the 12th house, are good philanthropists. They are charitable in nature and provides to ensure the wellbeing of the people suffering around them. They even go to the point of sacrificing their utmost desires or things for the sake of their loved ones. Also, the locals of this setting are liberal and polite. They aren't very rigid on statements and tend to speak and act very frankly.

Negative Impacts and Characteristics

People born under Mars while it occupied the 12th house may struggle to maintain their lifestyle in an organized system and cope with daily issues and challenges. Whenever it refers to obligations, the assistance of other people who are beneficial will be valuable. When they're not provided with support, individuals could experience a loss of control and break all grasp on reality.

Since Pisces is the star that governs the twelfth house, they are unaware of how much turmoil people can produce while seeking unity and stability of the soul. They must be careful not to become engrossed in their imaginations, as it may cause them to lose out on actual life. Several people will be irritated by their unwillingness to compromise because they are inexperienced and immature.

People of Mars, when it occupied the 12th house, are violent and cruel in nature. They are into fights and quarrels and always utters false up on people. For them, it's their perspectives and points that value the most. They do not even pay heed to what others have to say. It makes their further distance from other people; as a result, their fraudulent nature grows even more. They continue to behave in their native features and characteristics and turn out to be wicked and as a person hated by everyone else.

Another salient feature of the inhabitants of this setting is their extravagant nature. They tend to live a life way out of their league by spending much more than they have. Living such a life can provide its locals with happiness for the least period possible as they will soon be in debt. They will lose a massive portion of their income or wealth in the process of clearing their debts. Such a situation can cause the inhabitants of Mars' placement in the 12th house to set off to illegal stuff. To compensate for the losses, they had to suffer due to their deeds, they start to snatch other peoples' riches or wealth.


Since the inhabitants of the setting are competent and active enough to act quickly, these people must take advantage of their numerous social ties and control their lives by implementing changes for them. Since recognizing their willpower and making them believe that they can achieve massive things is tough for them, individuals should enable everyone else to support them, just as they are doing for someone else. With a little more self-assurance, they could do amazing things in this world. People really shouldn't depend on fantasizing because only doing so will put them up on that proper course, which will leave them ecstatic.