Marriage in today’s time

Marriage in today’s time

Love is the most complex emotions we experience as a human. It keeps the potential to break us down to pieces but at the same time, it is only love that can build us back. Love is what helps us in the darkest moments, it is what makes us keep going on, and it is the hope in any one’s life. Without love, life often feels bleak and empty.

When there is love between a couple, the next and final step is to start a family and a life together, or in simpler words, get married. Marriage is a very important phase in one’s life. Everything the individual is used to changes after the day they are married. Their lifestyle, their plans, and even their mentality, everything changes once a person gets married. Hence, it is not something that can be done in a rush, not a decision that can be taken lightly. This life-long commitment is an opportunity to grow, and experience moments and days that are full of happiness and excitement. 

To those walking towards marriage.

To everyone lucky enough to have found the person they love, the person they intend to spend their life with, and create a legacy, it is time to consider marriage. This sacred union when stems from love, there is no limit to the excitement they’d be feeling. Some plans have been already discussed. They ponder upon where they wish to live, how they wish to live, and maybe even have already planned the names of their children. 

Marriage is after all the sacred union of two souls in love, a celebration of love; it is a commencement of the best years of their life. The essential task is to talk about plans and discuss if there are similarities in their wishes. They need to pre-plan all the areas where differences might result in conflicts. 

The need to marry.

The present times are too modern. The minds of everyone in this generation are often so open and yet so rigid that they need to marry has been declining like many other things. People start a family without having married; they get involved in a physical relationship as well as living together without marrying. Moreover, this generation is all about success and career, further reducing the importance of marriage in their lives.

Then what makes marriage important even in these modern times?


After marriage, the commitment between two individuals deepens. It reduces the chances of the partner dwelling into infidelity and also reduces the chances of the relationship ending. The lives of the two individuals become one, from finances to health, they endure it together and find strength in the commitment within the relationship.

Providing a safe house to the children.

Though in cultures it is looked down upon to have children before marriages, people now care less about other’s opinions. But more than just for social consent, a child needs a house with both parents who are committed to each other for life.