There are many fairy tales that spread a beautiful story of couples when they get married and live happily after. Not only fairy tales but also in real life. Have the tales of the meeting of your grandparents and their falling in love, ever intrigued you? If it has triggered you ever, that is how it reveals how sacred and pure a relationship of marriage, is for you.

The Sanctity of marriage is one of the important peripherals in an individual’s life. Marriage is not only the auspicious union of two different people but the bonding of two souls together, forever.

It is considered to be the most serene and the unconditional form of bestowing love. In today’s era, we human beings go through rough times in life, there are challenges and obstacles to be faced but what gives us the strength is to get past all of them with the hold of love and embrace that the marriage wraps with.


To define or not to define the reality of what marriage means is the real question for today’s generation. For many people, the union of marriage has just been a part of a ceremony or a formality that has to get over with.

But the truth lies along with these feelings itself. Marriage embarks the feeling of the spouses that are shown in front of the whole world. With the bond of marriage, they not only present themselves as the couple but also projects their respect for accepting each other the way they already are.

There are many people living in today’s world who are not aware of this auspicious bond and therefore, a wedding with preparations or celebrations feels quite legit to them. For them, the word Divorce is quite easy as compared to the word Marriage.

But not to forget, along with the wrong mentalities, there are people with a wise mindset as well, who has still kept the spark of the meaning of the marriage alive, with their actions and determinations.


The originated purpose to get married is not to search for the sense of security of life and the stability of the situations. The purpose is way above than it is depicted to many.

Marriage serves a purpose of divinity. In the presence of the Lord, the bonding takes a new turn of life for the two different individuals, together, in the journey towards the same destination. Marriage is a union of trust, hope, faith, and respect for each other. It is about getting rid of the negative influence and adapting the positivity of the relationship.

With the immense faith for one another, the life not only becomes satisfying and worth living but also frames a beauty of hope and strength that no matter happens, this person will hold on to us forever like a friend, philosopher, guide, and a lover as well. That is the faith that proves the real sanctity in terms of righteous marriage. That is the essence of Trust.

Marriage is the foundation for building an honest society to live in. It is the base of the development of morality where the birth of integrity and faithfulness takes place to teach the morals to the children for paving the right path towards the future.

People living without marriage are living a happy life too and we are no one to judge anyone’s happiness or sadness but the place that really strikes is the upbringing of the children. Somewhere, in the course of time, it risks and deteriorates the moral values and the emotions of these children.

Marriage not only develops a sacred bond but also secures the environment in which the next generation can grow up with morality and understand the value of the marriage.

Marriage is the union of two souls that are made for each other no matter what the circumstances may arise. It is the mark of mutual understanding, mental growth, stable mind-set and lots of love as well as affection for one another, till the end of time.

It is a blessing from the Higher Realm to be in the company of someone who makes the life worth living for.