Matching kundalis and binding two people together in a supposed life long relationship involves a number of aspects to be figured out. One goes through the birth charts of the natives into consideration, and living in India is like living in a country of diverse traditions and cultures. Our customs as laid out by the forefathers and ancestors are of utmost importance to us as these customs help us determine the compatibilities and preferences of two particular people prepared to enter into wedlock. Weddings in India are not just about the connection between two people, instead, it is a life long relationship with the habits, strengths, weaknesses, and many other things of two families. 

While matching kundalis, we have to undergo an entire process of determining the physical, emotional, and mental compatibilities of the two natives. And this is done by following an entire procedure as directed by our Vedic astrologer, it begins with the ashthakoota method and is followed by many more procedures. One of the major factors out of all these is the positioning and the consequences of particular planets. So, here we have the planet of Mars under the spotlight, This planet signifies the police, military, and paramilitary kind of departments due to its technical properties. Moreover, the positive traits of this planet involve administrative skills, determination, and par energy levels. But, under this session let us discuss a few malefic traits of this planet along with its effects on our particular lives. 


The red-colored mars represent war all over the system and it is said to be devoid of emotions. Moreover, this planet usually has a malefic effect on our kundalis due to it’s aggressive and cutthroat attitude, and this attitude is not good for any relationship. This is a practical planet and this has an extremely logical reflection towards life, it indicates the presence of energy, logic, and most importantly aggression and impatience to a great extent. In terms of Mars being strong in a person’s kundali, it is usually said that the person is quite impatient and eager in order to execute plans and decisions. And as far I remember, our parents have taught us to be patient so as to receive the desired success. If a person’s Mars affects the 4th house in someone's birth chart then, it is considered that such a person can face difficulties in maintaining an emotional connection with their partners which in turn can demolish the peace and happiness in a marriage relationship. Likewise, if a person’s Mar’s has an impact on the  2nd house in someone’s birth chart or Kundali matching, then such a person can portray certain intolerant and irritant behavior traits with their partners which might create a tiff between the partners



Strong mars in a kundali represent violence and physical strength, it is usually associated with criminals. The malefic effects of this planet might indicate severe injuries and a criminal streak in a particular person. On the other hand, if mars are weak and then it might portray a lack of motivation and urge in a particular person. In terms of Vedic astrology, Mars represents the bond of siblings and it focuses on the younger ones so one might wanna see into the predictions related to it. And the only remedy to cure the effects of Mars on your kundali, high or low, one can always donate toor dal in order to get rid of the malefic sides of this planet. However, it is believed widely that the malefic influence of Mars in a person’s Kundali can be altered by donating “Toor Dal” as this so-called aggressive and fierce planet is represented by red color, the color of intensity and fire. So, using this remedy can strengthen the influence of mars or reduce its influence on the person’s Kundali. Curing and turning towards the appropriate remedies is of utmost importance as even till date People religiously believe in the traditions and the significance of this planet and they worship Mars as a supreme power pact planet which plays a foremost role in every individual’s life including marriage.