To fulfill the needs and wishes of extra income, clearing blockages which can be achieved through the Reiki culture. We have already discussed manifestation techniques using the Reiki box, healing wallets, purses, cards, cash, and bank accounts and through the distance symbol. Discussed below are few other common methods for the purpose of the manifestation of finances, precisely, the use of Reiki candles, Reiki crystal grid, magic money box and calling upon spirits and energy.



The flame of a candle possesses a serene, hypnotic power and is directly linked to the ultimate force energy, thus acting like a self-object. A candle is often thought of as a representation of the soul, a reflection of ourselves. Candles are used for clearing up of the negative energy in households, workplaces, for rituals and meditation. It helps with the creation of natural light and suitable surroundings for drawing Reiki energy. Choose a tranquil setting without the outlook of any disturbances and hold the candle in your hands and envision your surroundings getting charged with energy. Begin with constructive affirmations and intentions and expand it according to your present situation and desires, thereby establishing a personalized link with the candle. You can use candles of diverse colors on the basis of your necessity, preferably based on the color of the chakras.

You can use candles for clearing financial blockages by lighting up the candle, performing Reiki on it with a certain set of affirmations and let the negativities and stagnation burn out along with the candle.



The Reiki crystal grid is an object used for the intensification of the healing energy. It is a combination of certain crystals along with Reiki, a culture designed and developed by William Lee Rand. The example of crystals is clear Quartz, Pink Quartz, and Amethyst. The crystals have a unique property of absorbing intentions, holding them, and infusing them with Reiki. The crystal grid has enough power to channel a continuous flow of energy for one whole day. The grid is essentially hexagon-shaped with a requirement of six crystals and a pyramid at the center.

Before using the crystal, purify them by soaking in them in rock salt water for a day or two, wash them with cold water, dry them, and bless them by performing Reiki. Now, charge the crystals using the Reiki symbols. Attune the crystal with all Reiki symbols with pure intentions of serving the greater good. Charge the gird with affirmations and positive intentions and send Reiki continuously to the grid. You can make intention slips like you can do for the magical Reiki box and place them on the grid. One can also make use of specific money crystals for attracting prosperity from the grid.



This box is similar to the traditional Reiki box with mirrors stippled to the interior walls of the box. One can place objects that represent or symbolize money, for instance, cash, crystals, exclusive jewelry, etc. One could constantly perform Reiki on the box and keep away negativity and create an infinite loop of lifeforce energy around it for the purpose of prosperity and abundance.   



This is a certain ideology followed by Reiki followers. They believe in the existence of angels, and that they can bring worth good if called out to them. Calling out to the Archangels Raziel, Ariel, Barakiel or the Abundantia angel can provide monetary help. These spiritual beings can help in erasing off the negating effects of money created as an outcome of your actions, beliefs, and assertions.  They also pave pathways to connect to the right type of individuals who could provide help and support in financial aspects, for a job, business or establishment of a career.

Another method is invoking the spirits of animals like squirrels or cranes. These few animals are supposed to bring good omens. Carrying the pictures with them, set it as your wallpaper and use it in frames of your walls. They help in opening up the money resources that might be required by you.