Though money cannot buy emotions like happiness, love, and comfort, yet it is an integral part of our lives and is required to buy basic necessities like food and water, shelter, healthcare and education, comfort and luxury, and so on. It is indeed one of the most fundamental requirements for managing a domiciliary, preservation of a society, or government and functioning of a country. Every individual has a desire to increase the income or add a little extra income to fulfill certain goals and wishes. There are various methods of meeting that goal through the Reiki institution, for instance, the use of the Money Reiki box, Healing your wallets, purses and your cash, debit and credit cards, your bank accounts, using Reiki candles and the distance symbol, the use of money crystals and magic money box, the use of crystal grid, use of Money Reiki symbols, space cleansing and removal of financial barriers, calling upon angels, animal spirits and using tarot cards.




As the name suggests, a Reiki box can be understood as a tool, a box which has a defined space with an infinite source of energy in it, intended for a specific resolve. This sacred box is fundamentally used for the purpose of manifestation and healing. You can select your own Reiki box sculptured from eco-friendly material and clean it using Reiki to remove any associated negative energy and siphon the upmost level of energies. You can make use of the power symbol to create a lifeforce portal and draw in on the walls of the box and the lid. If you are a Reiki master and are attuned to the Master symbol, you could very well make use of it too. You can channel Reiki to the box and prepare it for putting your intention slips.

Write your deepest desires on the paper slip and seal the four corners of the paper using the Completion symbol. You could either write your requests and desires simply or briefly describe them, depending upon your requirements. It is recommended to write one wish on one slip individually and not all of them together and also to write them in the present tense as they have already started to manifest. For abundance and prosperity, or increase of income, you could write a certain monetary desire, intentions or affirmations as desired and put it in the Reiki box. Note that the Reiki box will not grant you richness instantly, you will also have to work for it and then meditate. You could place as many slips as desired in the Reiki box and perform Reiki on it on a daily basis. Keep it is a private and a hygienic location.    



You could make use of the Reiki symbols, the Money Reiki symbols, the lifeforce energy, or intentions and affirmations to free your wallet or purse with any kind of disruptive energy that might have crept and given it Reiki to establish a positive energy aura just by holding it. You might also draw the Money Reiki symbols or the Power symbols if desired. Similarly, you can heal your cards, bank accounts, and cash by placing an energy ball in it filled with a positive set of intentions and strong affirmations. Also, you may use the Money Reiki symbols and draw them over cash you give and receive and on your financial papers. This will keep at negative forces at bay and keep your assets safe and also ensure a safe supply of them as needed.



Known as Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen in Japanese, one of the most powerful symbols which enables the travel of the lifeforce energy across space and time. The representation of this symbol is a pagoda due to the gigantic appearances of the letterings in it. It can be used to send the divine energy to past, present, and future to heal the damages of the past and achieve desired goals.

This symbol can be used to remove the financial obstacles and heal blockages in the past and also improve future finances by removing recurring and possible barricades and send constructive energy to it.