Making Sure of Maturity: Calculating the Spiritual Maturity Number.

Making Sure of Maturity: Calculating the Spiritual Maturity Number.

Have you ever thought about the day when you feel that you have done it all and achieved it all? Well, come on now don’t shy away, I’m sure all you must’ve had given a thought to the time when your life feels fulfilled and purposeful. But the actual question now arises is that how can one reach that point? Well, the answer to this my friend is a very wise one, which is by learning and gaining knowledge. Now you must be thinking that how do we know all this, right? Well, this is all given in the insightful guide of numerology.

Speak spirituality!!

Speaking of numerology, we have come across all the different sorts of numbers and their significance. We have had a plethora of insight into the concepts like that of the life path number, your passionate number, and even the impact that all the nine numbers have on you. But what about the ultimate stage? The stage of Spiritual Maturity!

Yes, we know that is a rather deep and intense concept for you all, and that is because this age of spiritual maturity hits in only after a certain point in your life. This age will knock onto your door only when you’re ready for the real opportunities and when you’re over with the phase of learning.

For one to experience the spiritual maturity number, they have to undergo at least three cycles of nine and this age can be attained only afire the age of 27 and before the age of 35. And before you reach this stage one needs to be done with the learning phase and be ready to face the impact and actions that life has in store for you. Well, now enough of the disclaimer! Let us have a look at how can one calculate the spiritual maturity number.

Calculating the spiritual stage!

The calculation of this number takes place just like the otter numbers except for a few changes in the equations later on. The first and foremost step is to add up all the numbers in your date of birth, from your date, month to the year. Now keep on adding these numbers until you get a single-digit number. Once you get that number well, then you can pat yourselves as you, my friend, is halfway there.

Now the single number that is regarded as the result of your date of birth calculation is known as your destiny number. And as for the further process to calculate our spiritual maturity number, you need to subtract this number from 36. Now according to what the result comes out after the subtraction, if the result is lesser than 27 then you are still yet to reach that point of maturity, but if that number is between 27 and 35 then you have reached the stage of spiritual maturity, my friend!

The reasoning behind 36?

Now you all must be thinking that why do we subtract the number from 36 in specific, right? Well, no worries we’ll sort that query of yours in just a blink. This number 36 is the result of four cycles of nine, which means 4X9 which equals 36.

We consider these cycles because to reach the ultimate stage of maturity in life one needs to go through the energies and the learning phase of all three cycles- a child, adolescent, and adult. And by the time you reach the last cycle, you will have experienced everything in life and that is when you reach the final age of spiritual maturity.

What after you reach the ultimate maturity level?

Well, once you go through all the learning stages of the cycles of nine then you come to a step closer to the last stage of the cycle. And that is when you are all set to reach the age of spiritual maturity. Moreover, you will also be ready to face the opportunities that life has to offer at the ultimate stage of maturity.