Make Your Life Time Golden This Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice

Make Your Life Time Golden This Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice

The cosmic calendar reveals everything about the time that will change the due course of the future.

The events are spring equinox which also brings the astrological New Year, the next phase of the year is the summer solstice, which tunes into the autumn equinox and lastly, the winter solstice occurs.

Let’s see all the steps we can take this autumn equinox and winter solstice to boost our fortune and ensure a great time ahead. 

Luck inducing actions in the autumn equinox

The autumn equinox occurs half a year after the spring equinox is a great time to introspect and reflect on the past action. The spring equinox was a good time to start new and start fresh, the autumn equinox is a good time to think about the past actions you have done and what you achieved with them. This is a good time to set up the tally of all your past actions and karma.

Thinking of the past can be ambiguous if you do not know what to think about it. You need to retrospect dividing your thinking into different aspects and parts of your life.

At the time of the autumn equinox, the planets change position and the movement of the sun goes into Libra just like in the spring equinox the movement of the sun goes into Aries. The star sign sun enters to is very important when we talk about the cosmic calendar and the behavioral pattern it may change.

Aries and Libra work as a pair. Aries signifies “I”, the subjective, and Libra shows “You”, the objective. So when the movement of the sun goes into Libra it is a great time to think of the past and judge if your life is going in the right direction.

The autumn equinox can be the time when you take constructive criticism from the peers and your family. You can think about what people perceive you as, just remember to be constructive and not berate yourself. Think of all the qualities you can change for a better life.

Respect the point of view of other people about all you have done so far. Seek information from all the knowledgeable people you can, and make the final decision by yourself. Multiply your experience and information by sharing.

Luck inducing actions in the Winter Solstice

The sun enters Capricorn and in turn, brings the event of the winter solstice. You can expect the winter solstice around 10 days before the new year. The energy is lower in this season as the sun is in a dormant state of its own, leaving the world in hibernation.

The winter solstice is a great time for self-reflection and planning for the spring equinox. Use this time to excel your skills and improve yourself. This time can also be used to take a step back before jumping into action. This time can be a calm before the storm.

This time can be dull for some people but is a great time for indoor activities. Use this time to study and prepare well. The more focus you will have on your education more you will succeed. It is a great time for students and professionals who wish to get higher education. This time requires determination to put your plans into action.

People forget that the floors can also collect negative energy with dust. Clean your floors and negative energy this season. Give your floors a good scrub and clean the crevices. This will help you get a central plan to start somewhere. While cleaning use light music or chilling melodies going along with the season. Keep all the negative energies at a bay by dusting and cleaning the mats and the rugs, the carpets. You should aim lower places which you did not consider cleaning before. The hard-to-reach places, which people do not look at a lot but need cleaning. This does not mean only the physical cleaning but mental too. Call that friend you have lost contact with Dedicate some time to find them on social media, or better call your other friends asking for them. This will also help you establish contact with other friends.

So, one of the seasons is to ponder on your past actions and the other is to put your mind into action, creating the perfect cocktail of tasks this cosmic year.