Makar and Rahu

Makar and Rahu

Rahu in Capricorn gives judicial, much reflectiveness, and even inclined to sadness, love of solitude, but with shrewd and diplomatic behavior. The disposition is more contemplative than melancholy. This position may bring balance to the worldly position, but rarely gives wealth, which, the native does not desire, as he is not ambitious. There is a possibility of gains through house property. Rahu in Capricorn gives sturdy health and physical suppleness; and if the Lord of Life is free from affliction, it is a sure sign of a long life.

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Rahu in Capricorn suggests that business ability and ambition would be directed towards social service or could be so directed. Integration would come through a consistent sustaining effort to climb the heights of success and become a giver for others.

The native is learning how to achieve maturity. In the past incarnations, he had a tendency to look at life in the direction of only where the grass is greener, seeing only what he wanted to see with a definite vision that everything else didn’t exist.

The major lesson in the Capricorn Rahu is to identify with a purpose bigger than the personal life. The native must ultimately come to stand for something, in spite of all his real or imagined personal difficulties. He must understand his true responsibility.

Many with these eventually become self-appointed hallmarks of tradition. They would rather die than have an outsider find out any part of their personal life which contradicts the principle for which they are known to stand.

Through the Rahu, an image that others can look up to and model their lives after is established. At times personal difficulties deprive him of the strength to hold up an image, and yet he must hold it up, even if it means sacrificing his entire life. In most of his endeavors, he is quite successful in becoming a methodical and cautious planner once he learns to overcome his previous life’s tendency to overreact emotionally.

In the charts of females, Rahu in Capricorn represents an unusually strong search for a father figure. In males, there is a strong consciousness of the need to fulfill the father’s role.

The most important thing about the Capricorn Rahu is that it represents the point through which the individual will meet his karmic mission. For this reason alone, many tend to be reluctant to accept adulthood. They would prefer to remain immature state for as long as possible, for they sense a type of acknowledgment waiting for them. The native desires one stay of execution after another, they hide behind others, always pushing themselves further to the back of the line so as to avoid facing the issues of all they have created. This is the reason why many of them have great difficulty in accepting their own numeric age. While they admit to their age openly, they try not to live it.

He is fond of comfort and is reluctant to make changes. The need for emotional security dominates the need for dream fulfillment to the point where changes in residence, job situation, public notice, or whatever become extremely off-putting, even if these changes lead to better things.

Remedies for Capricorn Imbalance: Mathematical work can be excellent. To a small extent, astrology and numerology can be helpful. The native must be encouraged to take responsibility for his own life rather than blaming his parents, superiors, or others for his problems.