Living in a land of superstitious perspectives we all know that everything has a meaning behind it. From your birthdate to your name each and everything tends to have a special significance, especially in the field of astrology. Speaking of date of birth and the numbers involved in our birth chart, have you thought that what significance do they play? Well now don’t waste too much of your time thinking and just pay attention here as we are about to give you useful insight into the charm of numerology.


 Speaking of numerology, you might get an intense mathematic kind of vibe from this term, right? But well, just take a chill pill as there no are no equations that you need to solve here. Instead, these numbers will probably solve every equation of life, thinking how?


Well, let us help you out here!! Numerology, since we know is a study of numbers…but wait a minute, simple definitions sound boring, right? And we don’t mean to bore you out here, so let us talk about some interesting and rare aspects of numerology. Talking of interesting, do you know that what a life path number is? A life path number in astrology will help you gain perspective and guidance in life. It will assist you in choosing the right path for yourself and making the right decisions.


But have a few people who love to be unique and out of the box, so let us discuss the significance of the master life path numbers, say- 11, 22, and 33. So, this one is for our readers, all of you who have their master life path numbers as any of the above three then you might want to pay some extra attention here as we are about to reveal some secret attractions of these numbers.



Okay so, to begin with, the master number 11, let us tell you the people belonging to this number are usually the kinds who are likely to very intuitive and they will probably be following their gut feeling at all times. Those signs that most you usually ignore, are of utmost importance to the people with their master number as 11. Their energies are rock solid and that is the reason that they need to focus their energies in the right direction or else they have they might end up self-sabotaging their lives.


Those signs that you get from the universe are so damn important to you tight you might end up overthinking and overanalyzing every situation. And this is followed by a huge mental breakdown if things are not tackled on a prior basis. But not to worry that much as you have the power of two leaders, you know like you are 1 and 1, which makes you double powerful and talented. So, take risks and follow your heart to achieve what you desire.



Next in line is master number 22!! Well, this number is the most powerful one, and it promotes and suggests productivity at its best. You will probably have no issues in completing your tasks just the way you planned, and this means that you can turn your dreams into reality which is a good sign master!! You already are quite practical, rational, and grounded in life, but one thing you need to work on is to take a chill pill at times. You tend to take that phrase ‘I am my own competition’ way too seriously, and this might not be a good sign for you or your growth. You’ll do it eventually because that’s how talented you are, so just cut yourself some slack and don’t push yourself too hard. So, just take a deep breath and count till 22 (pun intended).


Last, but not least, the master number 33. This number is the amalgamation of master number 11 as well as 22. This number is known to the all-time spirit teacher and this is because you tend to have immense knowledge about everything and everyone.


This sure is a beneficial aspect, but if viewed from a different perspective it can probably be a little hard for them to master their goals. And this can be because since they are so knowledgeable and learned they tend to be highly critical and judgemental at times. In general, you tend to think of the greater good of the world and you work towards humanity, so all you need to do is to balance and channel your knowledge in the best way possible to succeed in life.


There you go!! You have the traits of your master numbers, so just calculate yours and find out which one of these belongs to you. 

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