Lunalogy – a Way to Manifest Your Wishes and Desires Instantly!

Lunalogy – a Way to Manifest Your Wishes and Desires Instantly!

People of Ancient Cultures have been well aware of the power of The Moon. They did not regard the occurring of the New Moon as well as the Full Moon as a mere happening. In Astrology and other esoteric traditions, the human mechanism is identified as a mix of the Sun and the Moon, yin, and yang, etc. Whatever name you give it, the point is, human beings are a part of this cosmos and whatever happens in it, they will get influenced by it. All it takes is a conscious attitude to notice the subtle changes in one’s body. Science can tell you what phase of the Moon is today but do you know its significance?

In Vedic Astrology, the lifespan of a human being is counted in cycles because the ancient people were able to observe the cycle of the Moon and the Sun. One solar cycle is of 12 years, whereas one lunar cycle is 28 days. Now, people have been talking about harnessing the power of the Moon. It is all over the Internet. Let us understand the Lunar Magic or Lunalogy in the right context.

What does it mean by Lunalogy/Moonology?

These terms have sprung up because of manifestation courses. People now realize that one can get what one wants by harnessing the power of the Moon. But what is this power? Lunalogy or Moonology is a course of action where one writes down his or her desires and wishes and tries to manifest them according to the phase of the Moon.

Why is it important?

People regard New Moon and Full Moon as instances where they can manifest what they desire quickly. New Moon is treated as a new beginning, an event that is marked for wishing and manifesting. Whereas, the Full Moon is regarded as an intense event intense where the Moon is full.

If you are full of negative emotions, Full Moon is the time to release them and be an upgraded version of yourself. If you have a clean heart and do not harbor anything negative for anyone or anything, your manifestation gets quicker and efficient.

Importance of Zodiac Signs the Moon currently rests in

It takes about three to four days for the Moon to travel in all the Zodiac signs and a full month to cover them all approximately. It is important to know in what zodiac sign the Moon sits in during the New and Full Moon.

Suppose, if the New Moon is in Pisces, then it will be time to wish for a sweet beginning, for nurturing ourselves and others and keeping care of our spiritual needs. The qualities of Pisces will resonance with the New Moon. If you’re aligned with it, manifestation happens quickly. You should write dates for all the New Moons and the Full Moons that are going to occur throughout the year and their corresponding zodiac sign.

How did the practice of Lunalogy come about?

Keiko, a renowned Japanese Astrologer made the world, Lunalogy, famous after she published her book titled, The Power Wish. She has several detailed articles listed on her website about how to harness the magic of the moon the right way. However, you do not have to read the book compulsory but it will be a good addition to your knowledge if you are genuinely interested in topics like these.

Make sure to use Lunalogy for your benefit and not use it to harm somebody. If you have a bitter sentiment for anyone, even if it is your worst enemy, the effect of the Moon will be reversed. It shall be detrimental to you. Keep a diary next time when New and Full Moon occurs and write down what you want to manifest.

Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. With a heart clean and full of gratitude, you do not have to worry whether it will work or not. If you fulfill this requirement, it will work for sure. It will be your own Lunalogy course.