Lucky Gemstone for Aquarius

Lucky Gemstone for Aquarius


Born between January 21 and February 19, Aquarius belongs to the air element of the zodiac (along with Gemini and Libra). They are analytical and use their mind at every opportunity. If there is an absence of mental stimulation, they seem to lack motivation and get bored easily. They are bit chilly and aloof.


Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which has a timid, abrupt and sometimes aggressive nature. But this planet is also responsible for the visionary quality that Aquarius possess. If you ask them, they already know exactly where they want to be within the next five years. They can be a bit freaky and repulsive towards expressing emotions. But that is just a defense mechanism they use to cover up their issues with trusting others and against premature intimacy.


Since they are big on freedom and equality for all, they will always strive to ensure that everyone has freedom of speech and movement. They hate to feel limited and constrained.


An Aquarius is a deep thinker and highly intellectual. Since they have the knack of looking at a situation from all perspectives without any bias, people often come to them looking for solutions to problems.


Some other innate qualities include being eccentric and independent. Cristiano Ronaldo, Bob Marley, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, and Ashton Kutcher are some famous celebrities who fall under this sign.



Friends and Family

Even though Aquarius is communicative, they take time to get close to people since they are highly sensitive people who fear being vulnerable.

It can sometimes be challenging to deal with an Aquarius due to their uncompromising nature and strong views. But when it comes to a loved one, they can go to any lengths to protect them, even to the point of self-sacrifice.



Career and Money

The high intellect that an Aquarius possesses along with their willingness to share talents ends up inspiring people working with them. They always perform tasks assigned to them with enthusiasm and accurately exploit their thoughts and imaginations for work purposes. AS mentioned earlier, they are visionary people who are interested in putting efforts with the aim of making humanity better.


Since they do not like to work in situations where they need to follow strict guidelines, the best environment for them is where they are free to approach and solve a problem their own way.


When it comes to finances, an Aquarius is great at creating a balance between spending and saving money. They have a fair idea of the styles that suit them and stick to those. You will hardly see an Aquarius spending too much on something bold, brightly colored just because everyone is experimenting.



Lucky Gemstones for Aquarius

The ruling planets for Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. They are progressive people and truth seekers who always attempt to see the best in people. However, they can also be unpredictable at times. The gemstones for Aquarius are as follows:




This stone has a distinctive color which makes it attractive. IT works well for both the positive and negative traits of an individual. An Amethyst stone brings an Aquarius in touch with their intuition and spiritual guidance. By doing so, it helps them discern the right path to move towards their future. It also helps them reduce stress and gives them patience.




Aquamarine is one of the best Aquarius crystals. It helps them transform their thoughts on the humanitarian front into reality. It helps them feel more compassion and empathy. This one is light-hearted and helps them go with the flow. However, it also promotes authenticity by making them comfortable in their own skin when they feel like outsiders.




The Black Onyx helps Aquarius with emotional strength, making them stop suppressing their emotions, face their fears and boosting self-confidence. It is a very centering and balancing stone. To support them in their endeavors, it also helps with all the important decisions.




Emerald brings inspiration, motivation, and creativity to the Aquarius. Since they are constant thinkers, it boosts their intuitions and soothes their emotions. It also fills them with hope, patience, love, and compassion to keep moving towards fulfilling their dreams.




Garnet is well-known as an Aquarius gemstone. It is considered the Stone of Commitment, as it helps them stay true to their dreams and future plans. Along with passion and fire, it brings a grounding energy that increases both physical energy and emotional strength. It even helps them develop new friendships.




The Aquarius sign feel detached from their emotions quite frequently, and that is why the moonstone is one of the best Aquarius stones. It also brings out their intuitive thinking, calms their busy minds and helps them achieve emotional balance. The moonstone helps bring out the good qualities of Aquarius and tames the undesirable ones.




This stone helps the Aquarius sign to improve their connection with their spiritual self. This, in turn, gives them a push towards their visionary qualities, balancing inspiration with insight. Labradorite possesses a beautiful combination of water and fire energy, providing these thinkers with a unique combination of patience and passion.


Some other gemstones include Hematite, Lepidolite and Rose Quartz.